Theme: Creation; Adam & Eve (Genesis 1-3)
Gross Motor: Rolling Ball
Math: 1,2
Science: Apple
Color: Red
Letters: A, B
Shape: Circle
Bible: "God created all things." John 1:3

Theme -- Creation; Adam & Eve

The Best Place To Live, page 10

The First Man & Woman, page 16

As I tell the creation story to preschoolers, I have them play with playdough. This keeps their hands busy as well as illistrates how God "formed" everthing.

Activities and crafts from Danielle's Place

Here are a lot of Adam and Eve Crafts from DLTK Kids.

God Made the Green Grass Fingerplay:

God made the green grass under your feet. (Touch ground)
And God made the sky so blue. (Wave arms overhead)
God will keep you safe everyday. (Point to the children)
The Father himself loves you. (Hug self)

Gross Motor -- Rolling Ball

Practice rolling different balls: wiffle balls, beach balls, Koosh balls, play balls, small balls, large balls, etc. Sit on the floor with the children and take turns rolling it to eachother.

Play a game of Hot Bean, Hot Bean:

    This game is a lot like hot potato. You separate the class into two teams, or partner children up and sit them opposite each other. Draw or tape a straight line between them, giving them equal space to move within their own assigned sections. Place multiple balls on the floor. The object of the game is for them to keep shoving the ball/s, rolling them so that the balls don't stay on their side of the tape for very long. They can only shove the ball/s back to the other side when the balls cross into their territory.

Math -- 1, 2

When you count, remember to point to objects. This gets the concept that numbers actually mean something.

Do a crayon rubbing of one penny, then two pennies.

Print out these Number Buddies: 1, 2.

Science -- Apples

Let the children explore a bowl of real apples. Cut one open and taste it. Serve applesauce and apple juice and explain that these things come from apples.

Ripe Red Apple

Ripe red Apples juicy sweet (rub your tummy)
Ripe red apples I will eat (take hand to mouth)
I will shake the apple tree (pretend to shake)
And let God's apples fall on me! (hit your head gently)

Make class books as a follow up activity to Dr. Seuss' book 10 Apples Up On Top.

Choose one or more activites on my Toddler Apple Theme Page.

Color -- Red

Make a Red Collage using bits of red tissue paper, red fun foam, red yarn, red stickers, color with red crayons and markers, etc.

Sing some songs about red from Preschool

Have a "Red Day": Everyone wear red, serve graham crackers with red frosting, etc.

Letters -- A, B

"A" words to build on: apple, ant, acorn, alligator.

"B" words to build on: blue, balloon, bear, boat, buttons, ball, beads, bells, boxes, burlap, baby, berry, bus, bug.

Letter of the Week: A, B.

Links to more ideas are on my Alphabet Links Page.

Shape -- Circle

Have the children stamp in stamp pads or paint with the top of Legos (the side with all the circles on it).

Print out this Shape Buddy.

Choose one or more activities from my Toddler Circle Theme Page.

Bible -- "God created all things." John 1:3

Print the Bible words, "God created all things." John 1:3, on color sheets and other crafts. Repeat the words out loud as much as possible.

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