August -- Week 1
Apples & Red

Ideal for
16 months -
2 1/2 years
MONDAY Make Apple Pies. On a paper plate, paint with white glue mixed with brown paint. Sprinkle apple punches (or put apple stickers on) then sprinkle with cinnamon. Play God Made The . . . Walk around the yard saying, "God made the dirt, God made the plants, God made the grass" and so on . . . Recite:
"God created all things." John 1:3


God Makes The World, page 6

Attention Getter:
Tell the story while playing with play-dough to illustrate how God formed things like you are forming shapes.

Sign Language:


Ripe Red Apple

Ripe red Apples juicy sweet
(rub your tummy)
Ripe red apples I will eat
(take hand to mouth)
I will shake the apple tree
(pretend to shake)
And let God's apples fall on me!
(hit your head gently)


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Planning Ideas

Flash Cards and/or Felt Shapes:


Letters: A, B

Number: 1, 2

Color: Red

Shape: Circle

TUESDAY Play with Red Play-dough, be sure to provide some apple-shaped cookie cutters. Read Ten Apples Up on Top! by Dr. Seuss
WEDNESDAY Make these Creation Blocks ahead of time. Practice putting them in order with the children. Duplo Lego Day! Sort them by color. Emphasize and build with the RED ones.
THURSDAY Real Apples--Bring in 6-10 real apples in a basket. Let the children explore. Talk about the color, shape, etc. Put them in and out of the basket.

Print out this Apple from Family Crafts. Print by hand or computer in the center of the apple this month's memory verse. Have the children color them with red crayons or markers.

Provide plastic apples in a basket for free-play dump and fill or Hide the Apple games.

FRIDAY Paper Apples & Basket--Print out these Small Apples on red paper, about 6 for each child and cut them out. Provide a lunch sack to hold them all. During class, practice putting the apples on the floor and then back into the bag. Send these home with a note on the bag that the children have been studying apples and that they love to put the apples in and out of the bag. Ball Day! Practice rolling the balls to each other. Everyone says the memory verse as they roll the ball. If you have those real or plastic apples still handy, try rolling those.
Apple Juice
Apple Sauce
Sliced Apples
Baked Apples
Apple Snack Pies
Apple Jacks cereal
"Stamp Paint" - cut one apple horizontally and one vertically. Dip cut sides of apple in paint and stamp on construction paper. "Marble Paint" with a real or plastic apple.

Finger Paint with applesauce.

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