July -- Week 4
Bubbles & Balls

Ideal for
16 months -
2 1/2 years
MONDAY Bubble Painting: Mix some water, paint and detergent together. Take a straw and blow into the colored water. The colored bubbles will rise above the container. Gently lay paper down on top of the bubbles and lift up to see the colorful bubble shapes on the paper. Play Pop the Bubbles: Blow bubbles for the children to pop or dance under. Perhaps you would like to rent or buy a Bubble Machine.

"Do kind deeds."
3 John 11


God Knows Samuel's Name, page 60

Attention Getter: Say "Samuel" through a megaphone.

Sign Language:


Three Balls

Here's a ball make ball with hand
And here's a ball make ball with other hand
A great big ball, I see put arms up and touch fingers
Shall we count them?
Are you ready?
One, Two, Three


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Planning Ideas

Flash Cards and/or Felt Shapes:

Letters: X, Y, Z

Math: Matching

Color: Purple

Shape: Diamond

TUESDAY Bubble Wrap Painting: Tape some bubble wrap on a table. Put paper over the wrap and paint.

Ball Game: Collect a variety of balls in differents sizes and textures. Take turns tossings, pushing, or rolling the balls to each other.
WEDNESDAY Choose some activities from Samuel Listens to God crafts and activities from Mission Arlington. Listen: Record different sounds on cassette, play them back and ask the children to guss what the sounds are.
THURSDAY Running Over Bubbles: Punch two holes in a yogurt lid. Put a straw in one and leave the other empty. Add bubble solution to the yogurt container and place the lid on. Let your children blow into the straw and watch the bubbles come out of the cup. Make Bubble Bottles to explore: Fill clear plastic bottles about 2/3 full with water, food coloring, and dishwashing liquid. Super glue the lid on. Shake to make bubbles!
FRIDAY Invest in No Spill Bubble Containers and a small fan and have your children hold the bubble wand in front of it. The fan will blow the bubbles for them. Target Rolling: Have children take turns rolling a ball toward a target.

7 Up


Kix Cereal

Ritz Crackers

Mixed Fruit

Big Bubbles: Pour homemade bubble solution into a wadding pull. Place a Hula-hoop in the pool. Next step in barefoot and slowly pull the Hula-hoop over you (or have someone else do it) You will be in a giant bubble. Fill a dishpan or sensory table with Bubble Solution. Provide flyswatters, funnels, berry baskets, straws, bubble wands, etc. for the children to make bubbles. Practice tossing or bouncing Balls in a laundry basket, box, waste basket or other container.

Outdoor Ball Painting: Have children roll a ball in paint and then roll it down a strip of butcher paper. Be prepared for a mess and lots of fun!

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