July -- Week 3
The Zoo

Ideal for
16 months -
2 1/2 years
MONDAY Read Do You Want to Be My Friend? Board Book. Toy Wash & Swap

"Do kind deeds."
3 John 11


Samuel Works at the Church Place, page 58

Attention Getter: Tell this story while opening doors like Samuel.

Sign Language:


Zebras in a Zoo

Five zebras in a zoo (Wiggle fingers)
The first one said, I need new shoes (Touch thumb with other hand)
The second said, I do, too (Touch index finger with other hand)
The third one said, My name is Sue (Touch middle finger with other hand)
The fourth one said, It�s nice to meet you (Grab ring finger and shake hands with it)
The Fifth one said, How do you do? (Wave with little finger)


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Planning Ideas

Flash Cards and/or Felt Shapes:

Letters: X, Y, Z

Math: Matching

Color: Purple

Shape: Diamond

TUESDAY Make Animals in Cages Collage. Provide pre-cut pictures of animals out of a magazine and have children paste them on construction paper. Glue strips of black construction paper across the animals like a cage. Zoo Cards: Buy zoo stickers, find as many different examples of each animal as you can. Place the stickers on index cards and have them match them, by animal or color. Review the sounds the animals make, too.
WEDNESDAY Teach all or some of this Samuel lesson by Mission Arlington. Mega Block Day! Build Zoo cages for the toy animals.
THURSDAY Make a Footprint Penguin: Dip the child's foot in black paint or an ink pad and put on white paper. Add eyes an orange beak and a small white circle for a belly. Feed the Elephant: Make an elephant buy painting and decorating a box. Cut out a mouth hole and let your children throw peanuts (still in the hull) into the elephants mouth to feed the elephant.
FRIDAY Animal Babies: Collect pictures of animals and their young. Place the adult animal pictures in one basket and pictures of the baby animals in another basket. The children can match adult animals to their babies. Play with Playdough. Show the children how to make snakes and be sure to provide animal cookie cutters.


Fish Crackers



Animal Crackers

Animal Cookie-Cutter Sandwiches

Watch this video and sing along: Going to the Zoo Spraying Elephant: At the water table, use a spray bottle filled with water to imitate an elephant spraying with his trunk. Marble Paint Zebra: Pre-cut zebra shapes on white construction paper, using black paint, have the children marble paint the zebra. Learn about Where Animals Live.

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