Theme: Queen Esther (Esther 2-8)
Gross Motor: Water Play
Math: Matching
Science: Water
Color: Purple
Letters: X, Y, Z
Shape: Diamond
Bible: "Do kind deeds." 3 John 11

Theme -- Queen Esther

    Read and talk about the Bible story daily.

    Queen Esther, page 111

* Teach this Esther Trusts God lesson from Consider Your Call.

* Teach this Esther Becomes Queen from Calvary Chapel.

* Choose one or more of these crafts at Danielle's Place.

* Esther coloring pages at All About Coloring.

Gross Motor -- Water Play

* Give the children buckets (the sand buckets work great) half full of water and paint brushes. Let them "paint" on the porch, the house, outdoor toys, etc.

* If you do not regularly have water play, consider a "Summer Splash Day" in which the children will be allowed to bring their swim suits and to play in the sprinklers or wading pool.

* Try one or more activities from Preschool Rainbow.

Math -- Matching

* Play the preschool game, Memory.

* Try one or more activities from Montessori Mom.

Science -- Water

* Fill your sensory table (or dish pan) half full of water. Provide measuring cups, measuring spoons, kitchen gadgets, etc. for the children to experiment with. This makes a great outdoor activity on a warm day.

* There are some great water activities at Reach Out Michigan.

Color -- Purple

* Make a collage of black items: scraps of paper, fabric, yarn, etc.

* Here is a cute way for little ones to remember color names and spellings!

Sung to the tune of "jingle bells":
Purple, purple, purple.
Grapes and plums,
Jack Horner�s thumb.
All are shades of purple.

Letters -- X, Y, Z

* "X" words to build on: x-rays, X-box, X marks the spot, extra Xs.

* "Y" words to build on: yellow, yo-yo, yak, yarn, yard, yardsticks, yogurt.

* "Z" words to build on: zoo, zig-zag, zippers, zebra.

* Letter of the Weeek: X, Y, Z.

* Links to more ideas are on my Alphabet Links Page.

* You may want to review all letters. Here's a cute song for that:

      My ABC Bible song
      (melody:Green Bottles)

      A is for Adam the first one God made
      B is for Bethlehem where Jesus lay in the hay
      C is for commandments the ten that God gave
      I read the Bible each and everyday

      D is for Daniel in the lions den
      E is for Exodus when the people fled
      F is the frankincense a gift from the wise men
      I read the Bible before I go to bed

      G is for Gabriel an angel sent from God
      H is for heaven where the angels trod
      I is for Isaac Abrahams dear son
      I read the Bible a book for everyone

      J is for Jesus he prayed "thy be done"
      K is for kingdom we say "kingdom come"
      L is for Lazarus,the friend that Jesus loved
      I read the Bible it comes from God above

      M is for Mary the mother of our Lord
      N is for numbers Old Testament book four
      O is for oil on Sauls head it was poured
      I read the Bible I love it more and more

      P is for Peter disciple and good friend
      Q is for the Queen ,who went to Solomon
      R is for Rainbow Gods promise to all men
      I read the Bible from beginning to end

      S is for Solomon the wisest of all kings
      T is for Thomas the one who didnt believe
      U is for unleavened-bread without yeast
      I read the Bible;I read it faithfully.

      V is for vow a promise that you keep
      W for the wedding where Christ made wine to drink
      X is for Xerxes the famous persian King
      I read the Bible Gods word is everything.

      Y is for the young ones Jesus loves them so
      Z is for Zacheus who lived in Jericho
      These are the words that were written long ago
      I read the Bible the greatest book I know.

Shape -- Diamond

* Here's a Danny Diamond Shapes Buddy from DLTK Kids.

* Make a kite out of diamond shapes.

* Use this Shapes Theme for activities to do with a diamond. From Child Fun.

Bible -- "Do kind deeds." 3 John 11

* Print the Bible words, "Do kind deeds." 3 John 11, on color sheets and other crafts. Repeat the words out loud as much as possible.

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