Theme--Jesus & The Children

Read and talk about the Bible story daily.

Jesus Loves Me, page 195

* Sing Jesus Loves the Little Children from Sermons 4 Kids.

Gross Motor -- Tumbling

* Show the children how to turn a somersault.

* Set up a "Somersault Road" by lining up pillows and/or couch cushions in a row. Have the children take turns somersaulting down the road.

Math -- Review 1-10

* Make a Number Chart: Have each child put the corresponding amount of stickers next to it's number.

* Make a Penny Book: Do a crayon rubbing of pennies on a page with it's corresponding number.

Science -- Body Parts

* Play with Mr. Potato Head and talk about the body parts as you use them.

* Sing Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes, Do Your Ears Hang Low?, The Elephant Goes, and Open, Shut Them.

* Try some activities from my Body Parts Toddler Theme.

Color -- White

* Draw with white chalk on dark paper.

* Make a White Collage gluing on bits of white lace, ribbon, fabric, etc.

* Squirt some shaving cream on the table or sliding glass door for the children to play with.

Letters -- S, T

* "S" words to build on: star stickers, squares, sunflower seeds, string, straws, stamps, spools, spoons, shells, scoops, sun, socks, sand.

* "T" words to build on: triangle, tooth, truck, tie, tail, TP tubes, tins, toys, toothpicks, tape.

* Make a capital S with white glue and sprinkle with sand.

* Letter of the Week: S, T.

* Here's a "T" idea from my friend, Tamie:

    I had a brainstorm. First I printed up some giant Ts. I gave the kids some masking tape to make upper and lower case Tts. Then I gave them pieces of tape that they were able to shape any which way they wished. The preschoolers' sculptures didn't look like anything more than a wad of tape. The older school kids enjoyed making snakes, toads and other creatures.

    The only thing I had to do was tear pieces of tape as fast as I could and hand it out. I would not have had to help the older kids with tape if I had more roles.

    You can buy masking tape for near nothing at the dollar store.

* Links to more ideas are on my Alphabet Links Page.

Shape -- Review All Shapes

* Make a "Shape Mobile" by cutting shapes out of construction paper, tape different lengths of yarn to each shape, then tape to a wire hanger (careful to distribute the weight).

* Make a Shape Collage.

Bible -- Jesus said, "Let the children come to me." Matt. 19:14

* Print the Bible words, "God would keep his promise." Hebrews 11:11, on rainbow color sheets and other crafts. Repeat the words out loud as much as possible.

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