May -- Week 4

Body Parts

Ideal for
16 months -
2 1/2 years
MONDAY Body Part Dice: Find a large cube (a square tissue box works well) and paste pictures of different body parts on it. Let the children take turns rolling the 'dice' then finding that part on their bodies. Mr. Potato Head play. Use Mr. Potato Head to review body parts. Recite:
"Let the children come to me."
Matthew 19:14


The Good Samaritan Helps
page 108

Attention Getter: Tell this story while wrapping an Ace bandage on a stuffed animal or doll.

Sign Language: Boy & Girl


Me Complete

I have ten little fingers and ten little toes
Two little arms and one little nose,
One little mouth and two little ears,
Two little eyes for smiles and tears,
One little head and two little feet,
One little chin, that's me complete


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Planning Ideas

Flash Cards and/or Felt Shapes:

Letters: S, T

Numbers: Review 1-10

Color: White

Shape: Review

TUESDAY Read From Head to Toe

Which Body Parts do we use when we crawl? When we hop? When we sing? When we eat? When we hug? Etc.
WEDNESDAY Choose one or more of The Good Samaritan lessons and activities from Mission Arlington. Watch

Are you My Neighbor?

THURSDAY Tape! Tear masking and/or cellophane tape strips and partially attach them to the edge of a table. Ask the children to place a piece of tape on the body part you name.

Toe Knee Chest Nut

Toe knee chest nut, nose I love you
Toe knee nose toe knee nose
Toe knee chest nut, nose I love you that's what toe knee nose

(point to the body parts; toe, knee, chest, nut (head), I is eye and for love you hug yourself and point for you)

FRIDAY Body Collage: Provide pre-cut parts of the body cut from magazines for the children to glue on a poster as a class or individual poster. Lotion: Allow the children to explore a squirt of lotion. Name the body parts as they rub the lotion on.

Gingerbread Cookies

Veggies & Dip

Mixed Fruit

Kix Cereal


Five Senses Praise
Say this before snack time.

For eyes that see
point to eyes
And hands that touch
rub hands together
Lord, I thank you very much
fold hands

For ears that hear
cup hands around ears
And a nose to smell,
wiggle nose
Lord, you've done all things well
thumbs up

And for taste buds
stick out tongue
When I eat
pretend to eat
Lord, you work is super neat.
Clap and cheer

Take turns acting out The Good Samaritan using dolls or stuffed animals, Ace bandages, and other props.


Make Good Samaritan Compassion Rolls.

Head and Shoulders
(Touch Body Parts as You Sing)

Head and Shoulders, Knees and toes, Knees and Toes,
Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose
Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Hokey Pokey

You put left leg in
You take left leg out
You put left leg in and shake it all about
You do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around
That's what its all about!

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