June -- Week 1

Germs & Health

Ideal for
16 months -
2 1/2 years
MONDAY Introduce "Squirt" a spray bottle filled with water. He doesn't know to cover his mouth and "sneezes" on the kids. Next, show them what happens when a tissue is over the sprayer. Fun and effective! Toy Wash & Swap
Fire Prevention
"Jesus went around doing good."
Acts 10:38


Jesus Makes a Sick Man Well
page 96

Attention Getter: Tell this story while sitting on a "mat"

Sign Language:


Wash Wash Wash Your Hands
Tune: Row Row Row Your Boat

Wash, wash, wash your hands.
Wash them nice and clean.
Wash them on top, wash them on bottom and fingers in between.


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Planning Ideas

Flash Cards and/or Felt Shapes:

Letters: U, V, W

Math: Counting 1 to 1

Color: Black

Shape: Octagon

TUESDAY Healthy Lunch: Provide each child with a paper plate. Have pre-cut "lunch" items (grocery ads are great for this!) Help the children glue foods to their plate to make a healthy lunch. Read
Germs Are Not For Sharing

WEDNESDAY Teach all or some of this Jesus Heals a Paralytic lesson and activities from Mission Arlington. Sick Friend

Tell the Bible story with motions in the style of "Going on a Bear Hunt." "We're carrying our sick friend to Jesus!" (Carry a pretend stretcher with the person behind you) "We can't get in! We'll have to go up on the roof." (Pretend climbing stairs), etc. Use whatever comes to mind.

THURSDAY Teeth: Make a group collage of smiles (showing teeth) of all kinds. Table Setting: Trace around toy dishes, napkin, spoon, fork and knife on to a piece of construction paper and then laminate it (you may want to make more than one). Have the children take turns "setting the table".
FRIDAY Make a Band-Aid Collage: Allow children to stick band-aids of different sizes onto paper. Print the Bible verse on the paper, too. Provide dolls, Ace bandages, and other health care items. Take turns Caring for the Doll.

Shredded Wheat

Raw Vegetables with Dip

Saltines and Cheese

Whole Wheat Toast

Fruit Kabobs

Make Fruit Kabobs: Provide Children with fruit chunks and uncooked spaghetti and let the children skewer the fruit onto the spaghetti. You can add Cheerios for variety. Compare Apples: Provide different apples (green, red, Fuji, gala, etc.) Let everyone taste.

While talking about Health let your children Paint with Health Items (bath sponges, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, etc.)

Compare Baby Food & Equivalent: Gather few common foods (carrots, green beans, etc.) and their baby food equivalents. Have the children try them and compare their texture and taste.

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