Welcome to our home! Please come on in and walk through our family room right to the changing table.

Here you will sign in your child, remove your child's shoes, and lead them through the gate into our playroom. Each child has his or her own cubby in the changing table to keep their shoes and clothing.

In our large, 18' x 12' playroom there is lots to do: read a book, choose a toy,
sit at the table, go down the slide, relax on the child's couch or the big couch, and more!

The toys on this shelf are rotated about every two weeks during our
Toy Wash & Swap.

The book and TV shelf holds our nap mats. These are cloth mats that have a pillow and blanket sewn on. They are all one piece. Each child who is old enough has their own mat. Other children sleep in their own play pen.

Children who need more quiet to sleep, will have their own play pen in our Nap Room.

When the weather is appropriate, we go to our outside play space.

Every day we have Morning Toys. I store the toys in our garage and choose one or two for the day. Most of the time I use
Plan B Curriculum.

Pamm's House Command Center

This is my desk. The view from my desk to the left is of the playroom. I can pop over to check my email now and then, and keep in contact with parents throughout the day.

To the right above my desk are my clipboards (photo on the left). The clipboard on the left holds all my food program paperwork and I keep a copy of my "Planned Menu" each week on the top of the stack for easy reference. The clipboard on the right is for recording each time I give a child medicine or if I need to record a bump or scrape.

The photo below shows the top of my freezer. I keep the children's medicine (teething medications, etc.) in the green bag which has a lock on it. The basket on the right holds all of our store receipts until I have a chance to record them.

When Pamm's House is Closed . . . Everything folds up and moves aside for the evenings and weekends.

More Pictures
Entry, Living Room & Playroom
Entrance, Living Room & Playroom
Nap Room
Office & Art
Small Space Child Care Storage
Last House


All praise and glory go to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Apart from Him, I could do nothing. (John 15:5)