Plan B


Written by Pamm Clark

There are times when I can't keep up with the planned theme curriculum due to illness of me or a family member, company coming, appointments, homeschool obligations, holidays, etc. There are also times when the age of the children in my care is all younger than 16 months and/or the children get bored of the planned activities. It's during these times I use Plan B Curriculum.

I do not have every toy out for the children to play with every day. Balls tend to get underfoot, we have more books than a small library, blocks tend to get scattered and misplaced, and art supplies would be everywhere. Also, I find "new" toys will hold the children's interest longer, so I keep the toys with lots of pieces, special toys, big toys, etc. in storage and bring them out one or two at a time either with the plan in my themed curriculum or with the plan described below.

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PAMM'S HOUSE Plan B Curriculum
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Art Day

I plan an art project of some sort. It may or may not be connected to any theme.

Shaving Cream
Paint with Water
Color with Crayons
Color with Markers
Glue Sticks
White Glue
Outdoor Art
Bingo Dobbers

Puzzle Day

I get out 3 or 4 puzzles or like toys:

Wood Puzzles
Plastic Puzzles
Matching Activities
Gear Board

Block Day

I choose one type of the blocks and get them out for the day:

Duplo Legos
Mega Blocks
Soft Blocks
Wood Blocks
Pop Beads
Sensory Blocks
Numbers and Letters Blocks

Special Books

Although I keep board books out all the time, today is the day I get out the special books:

Bible Story Books
Musical Books
Library Books
Loved Storybooks
Books on CD
Electronic Books

Ball Day

I choose a type of the balls we have and get them out for the whole day:

Playground Balls
Big Play Balls
Soft Balls
Beach Balls
Small Balls

Be sure to incorporate Toy Wash & Swap every other week
and Fire Prevention once a month.
There are other things you can do, too. Adjust the schedule and/or special toys to fit your needs, the ages of the children, and what you have on hand. Here are some other ideas for special days:
Video Day

Watch videos you have or have the children bring their favorite video. Have popcorn for snack (Older children only).

Music Day

Play favorite CDs, get out the rhythm instruments and have a marching band, sing new songs, dance to music, etc.

Electronic Games Day

I have a few ABC Electronic games. The children love it when we get them out for a day. Maybe older children could bring theirs from home for the day?

Game Day

Get out Candyland, Cootie, Trouble, and other board games. Have fun snacks, too.

Outside-In Day

During very cold and very hot months when we can't go outside, I often bring in some of the outside toys like a slide or playhouse. (I clean it up first, of course). The children love to have a gross motor toy inside!

Here, you can see the six week schedule I made, rotating all the toys and art supplies I have. I incorporated my Toy Wash & Swap as well, using the three sets of toys I have. I use this schedule when we have many younger children, in the summer, or just for a change of pace.

You can download the PDF Here
Here's another variation of the same Plan B. I had part-time children who came every Tuesday and Thursday or every Monday and Tuesday so they would end up with the same Art and Puzzle day, etc. I decided to rotate my special days and it worked out very well.

You can download the PDF Here


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