Small Space Child Care Storage

We moved into a house half the size of our last one. Setting up a child care was easy with plenty of storage closets and rooms dedicated to child care. Moving into a house that has almost no closet space and condensing the child care to the living room only was quite a shock. The question has become where do you store everything?

It has taken about a year to figure out a few things.

    * Look for items that can fold up such as Play Hut-type toys, tunnels, etc.
    * Limit toys to one box each: One box of Duplos, one small box of waffle blocks, one shelf of books, etc.
    * It's okay to get rid of stuff not used right now such as a spare baby swing or toys that don't interest the kids anymore.
    * When I bring new toys in, it's time to get rid of old toys.

Note: Slightly better photo below.
I figured out I could take a wall in our garage to dedicate to child care. I gathered storage shelving from anywhere I could find (thrift store, road side, etc.) I also gathered storage baskets and buckets. I sorted through my toy collection and pared down to one container for each type of toy (one bucket of Duplos, one basket of soft blocks, etc.) and stacked them on the shelf. I must also use this area for bedding, mats, cots, play pens, potty chair, baby swing, etc. I really had to look at my priorities.
As you can see in the photos, I store EVERYTHING that I use for child care in this area. I will list these items roughly from left to right:
potty chair
basket of nap mats
play mat
shelves of empty containers
tub of dolls
tub of bedding
tub of spare set of toys
basket of soft blocks
PlayHut discs
basket of soft cloths for play
car set
bins of puzzles and peg boards
bins of blocks and bean bags
bins of toy dishes and toy cars
gadget board
carpet squares
misc. toys
box of Noah's Ark and animals
large balls
basket of dolls
ball games
large trucks
farm and animals
Mega blocks
Waffle blocks
texture pillows
musical instruments
electronic toys
Creation blocks
family games
misc. art supplies
play pen
baby swing

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