Parent Information Packet
Written by Pamm Clark

It's frustrating that it does cost to put together daycare information and I'd like to give it out to everyone; I can't afford to.

During the interview I show off my portfolio. Before I had my forms available online, if the parent is pretty sure they will use my services (after the interview) then they are welcome to take home this Parent Information Packet for a $5 fee and I give the parent a $5 Gift Certificate to use towards daycare.

If the parent isn't sure they will use my services, I will hand them a brochure about my daycare and a business card.

But after my forms were available, I would direct potential clients to this page and they could download and print at their home.

During the Back-to-School sale at K-Mart, I bought several paper portfolios (the kind with the 3-hole clasps in the middle and pockets on each side) for 7 cents each. I set them up like this:

Left-Side Pocket

At the top of the folder, I write:

"These are items that must be filled out, signed,
and returned to me by your child's first day of care."

The items in this pocket are:

The Middle, Three-Hole Clasps

Right Side Pocket

At the top of this side of the folder I write:

"These are items you may keep."

The items I put in this pocket are:

All my printable and updated forms are Here.


All praise and glory go to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Apart from Him, I could do nothing. (John 15:5)