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Pamm's House Handbook
Part 1

My Daycare Philosophy

I maintain a safe and nurturing environment for children. I believe children should have plenty of time to just be children. Semi-structured, home-style, daycare is provided in a family atmosphere. There is lots of supervised free play in which children are allowed to choose toys and activities that suit each interest and age level. How children spend free time will change as they grow and mature. Activities include: housekeeping toys, dolls, cars and trucks, a variety of blocks and building toys, books, etc. Weather permitting, we play outdoors daily. Weapon and violence games are discouraged. Arts, crafts, games, story time and learning activities are incorporated often.


The purpose of these policies is to prevent misunderstandings. It is important that there is a similar childcare philosophy between us. I welcome questions, feed-back, or discussion of any kind.

You are encouraged to call me at any time 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. If you call during the day, please be aware that I may be busy with the children and may not be able to answer the phone. Please leave a message and I will call you as soon as possible.

If I need to make an announcement or post a reminder I will send a flyer home and/or post it on the message board. Please check the board daily. You may also send me Email. I generally check my email daily.

Open Door Policy

You are welcome to visit or call any time your child is in my care. If I am expecting you to bring your child, please knock and walk in the door, if unlocked. This allows me to tend to the children. Other times, please knock or ring the bell and wait for an answer. The door may be locked at various times to prevent children from opening it or unexpected visitors.


The state law requires all necessary forms must be completed and returned to me before I will assume responsibility of caring for your child NO EXCEPTION!

Sleeping & Rest Arrangements

Each child will have a playpen or mat to sleep or rest on, and clean separate bedding that will be washed weekly and as needed. Every day each child will rest or nap. Infants will obviously nap when they need to, but when the child is 12-18 months old, we will begin to work on a daily nap schedule.

Children who do not nap or children who wake up early will be given quiet activities, but they must observe the rest time also.

Please remember, this is my only break during the day and the only time I have to do my required paper work and help my own children with their schooling.


Items may be brought in a bag each day or stored at Pamm�s House then replaced as needed. Things necessary to bring:

***diapers, Pull-Ups, or training pants
***baby wipes, powder, and ointment
***pacifier, blanket, security items
***teething medications, Tylenol
***complete change of clothes
***jacket, rain coat or sweat shirt
***bottle or cup if your child needs one for the ride home
***full-sized box of tissues

If your child goes home with a bag of dirty clothes, be sure to replace the extra clothes with clean ones the next day. Please dress your child in play clothes that are easy to move in, comfortable, and suitable to the weather.

Personal Possessions

Please do not send any toys, food, candy, or pocket change with your child. Please keep such items in your car or at home, as they tend to cause disruptions or may pose a danger to another child. If your child needs a special toy or item for sleeping, that�s okay, but it will remain put away until rest time. Pamm�s House assumes no responsibility for lost or broken toys, videos, or other items from home. This is why I request you to keep such items at home.


The health and well-being of all the children and family members are of the utmost importance. It is for the protection of everyone that I must insist on strict adherence to this policy. Please read it carefully:

Upon greeting you and your child, I will conduct an informal health inspection of your child. If a child has any symptom listed below they will not be permitted to attend daycare until 24 hours after medical treatment has begun as prescribed by a physician. Some of the illnesses and symptoms are:

***Fever of 100 degrees or more
***Severe diarrhea (cannot be contained by toilet or diaper)
***Unexplained rash or skin lesion that blisters
***Pinkeye or eye discharge
***Ear infection, sore throat
***Chickenpox--until all blisters have dried and formed scabs; about 6 days after the onset of the rash
***Other contagious illnesses such as whooping cough, measles, strep throat, mumps, or scarlet fever.

Colds and runny noses are common and unavoidable. However, a runny nose accompanied by cough or fever is an indication your child should stay home.

If a child becomes ill at daycare, parents will be notified and he/she must be picked up within the hour. If you arrange to have someone else pick up your child, that person must already be authorized by you on your child�s Emergency Information form. I will not release your child to any unauthorized person. NO EXCEPTION.

Please consider the other children, my family and myself when your child is ill. An ill child needs the comforting and love of his/her parents.


It is very important for the parent to always let me know at drop off time if their child has taken any medications before arriving at Pamm�s House. These medications include Tylenol, cough/cold medicines, antibiotics, etc.

If your child needs medication during daycare hours, just let me know. Hand me the medication and let me know what times to give it. A written record will be dept of each dose.

Bumps, teething pain, fevers, etc. can come up suddenly. I recommend you leave pain reliever/fever reducer and teething medication in the locked box. If requested, I will call you before I give your child any medication.

Emergencies and Accidents

If your child requires immediate medical attention, I will call 9-1-1 and you will be contacted. Your child will be transported by ambulance to the most appropriate medical facility. All costs incurred will be your responsibility.

If your child has a minor injury, the injury will be attended to and you will be notified at the time of pick-up.

Parents/guardians are responsible for what their children do, destroy, injure, etc. Pamm�s House, family member and property owner cannot be held liable for any accidents, injuries or damage.


I believe sanitation is a large part of keeping everyone healthy. Every attempt is made to keep toys, door knobs, play area, diapering and toileting areas, bedding, eating areas, etc. sanitized. These items are regularly put through the dishwasher, washing machine, or cleaned with a bleach solution. Hand washing and other good health measures for the children and caregiver are practiced often. Our home is cleaned weekly and as needed. You can help by keeping your child�s nails trimmed. Thank you.

Pamm�s House Rules

**Everyone will show respect for others, themselves and property
**No hitting, biting, pushing, kicking, etc.
**No throwing or breaking things
**No running or jumping in the house
**No picking up babies or toddlers
**No leaving the house or yard
**No name calling, teasing, etc.
**No food or drink brought into the home (unless prearranged) NO GUM!
**No children allowed in undesignated areas of the home or yard
**No toys or change brought from home

Sometimes at drop-off and pick-up, the children may get rowdy because someone else is here (you). Please show your child that you respect Pamm�s House Rules by reminding them and enforcing them while you are here. You are responsible for the safety and behavior of your child(ren) while you are present. If needed, I will remind your child of the rules.

Behavior Management

I stress the following behaviors:
***Respect for others
***Respect for themselves
***Respect for property
***Good manners

When a child is having or causing problems, several techniques are used which help the child to learn rules and become self-directed in his/her behavior. These techniques include giving choices, problem solving, natural and logical consequences, ignoring a non-aggressive behavior, or having the child sit away from the activity for 1 to 5 minutes depending on the age of the child. These measures are carried out in such a manner as to help individual child develop self-control to assure responsibility for their own actions.

If I feel there is a chronic behavioral issue that needs attention, I will let you know so that you and I are handling it in the same way and your child has continuity in discipline between our homes. These types of behaviors might include such things as biting, use of bad words, chronic hitting, etc. Together, we will try to find a solution. You may be called to remove your child if his/her behavior prevents me from being able to properly care for the other children. If the problem continues, other arrangements for the care of the child will have to be made, for the safety and well being of all.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will there be any spanking, physical abuse, verbal abuse, name-calling or isolation used. Neither food nor sleep will ever be withheld from children as a means of punishment.

As a home care provider, I have a responsibility by law to recognize and report any evidence of child abuse--physical or emotional-or neglect. This is strictly for the benefit of your child.

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