Pamm's House Handbook

I used to have the 10-page handbook represented in the table below. I think it scared off people, so I tried to outline it and keep the points that were really important to me. I came up with the condensed two-page version with the points that always come up. I found that it doesn't scare people off and I seem to get more business. When a problem comes up that's not covered in the short handbook, I discuss it with the parent directly and usually reinforce it in the next newsletter. Click the "Next" button to see my New Handbook.

Printable forms Here.

Here's my old handbook. Please feel free to use any or all of this.

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Communication Drop-Off & Pick-up Emergencies & Accidents Enrollment Holiday Pay & Care
Hours of Operation I Have Limits Illnesses Medication Miscellaneous
My Daycare Philosophy Open Door Policy Pamm's House Rules Parent Involvement Payment Procedure
Personal Possessions Pets Please No Smoking Sanitation Sleeping Arrangements
Supplies Termination Policy Transportation Trial Period Vacations

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