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Pamm's House Handbook
Part 2

Back-Up Care, Absences and Vacations

Back-Up Care is the responsibility of the parent: Unavoidable emergencies and illness do come up, so to ensure care for your child, I strongly suggest you have a back-up caregiver. This person(s) should be someone who will care for your child on a short notice and if your child is ill.

Child�s Absence: If your child will not be attending daycare on a scheduled day, please call me as soon as possible. If you have not arrived within one hour past your scheduled arrival time, I will assume you are not coming. I will proceed with my day which may include closing up the daycare if no other children are scheduled.

Provider�s Absence: If I have a midday appointment for myself or for my children, I will have a qualified substitute come in while I�m absent. Although every attempt will be made to be available each day, there will be occasions when I am ill and unable to provide service. You will be notified as soon as possible of any personal emergencies. If Pamm�s House is unable to provide care for any of these reasons, I will credit your daycare bill for that day.

Child�s Vacation: Each calendar year a family may two weeks vacation without charge, provided you notify me at least one week in advance.

Provider�s Vacation: Occasionally, my family takes a long weekend and rarely, a week�s vacation. You will be notified at least 2 weeks in advance of any days off.

Holiday Pay and Care

Holiday care may be available, please check in advance. Holiday rates will be discussed upon appointment of care. Pamm�s House takes off with pay:

**New Year�s Day
**President�s Day
**Memorial Day
**Independence Day
**Labor Day

Each family may choose whether or not to pay for other holidays, but I ask that if you receive the day off with pay that you consider extending the courtesy to me.


Occasionally, I may take one or two children with me on an errand or an outing. All children will be in a car seat and properly buckled in. All spontaneous outings will be during regular daycare hours. You will be notified of planned field trips in writing. A note will be left on the front door, you will be notified or someone at the daycare home will know where your child is.

Please No Smoking

We are a non-smoking family. Smoking is not allowed in our home or on the premises. Please extinguish your cigarette and EXHALE before entering.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

**Please knock on the door and walk in
**Short goodbyes are easier even if your child cries, it�s usually for just a few minutes
**Please call if you are going to be late
**Be prompt. We will not delay activities to accommodate lateness
**I require written permission to release your child to anyone
**Photo I.D. may be required to release your child to anyone I am unfamiliar
**Children are to arrive clean, dressed, and fed (unless arriving just before a meal or snack)
**You are responsible for the safety and behavior of your child while you are in my home or on the premises
**If you are late in picking-up your child, please call. Just one unexpected �late� may cause me to be overbooked and can compromise my license


We have a calm, older Chocolate Lab. He has had all required shots.

Trial Period

All new children will be cared for on a two-week (14 calendar days) trial period beginning on your child�s first actual day of care. During that time the parent or provider may terminate the child care agreement with 24 hours� notice. The parent is expected to pay the amount owed up to that point by 5 pm on that Friday.

Payment Procedure

Your specific rate will be outlined in the Agreement. Payment is due each Friday by 5pm or no later than pick-up time, unless another arrangement has been agreed upon. (NOTE: Payment for after hours care is due upon pick-up of your child.) If payment is not received by 5pm on Monday, your child will not be allowed to return to care until all payments are made, including late charges. Some situations may require pre-paid child care.

Payment may be made by cash or check. There is a $2 per day discount if you pay in cash. (NOTE: I don�t have change. If you choose to pay in cash, make sure you have enough to pay in full. If you go over the amount due. I will credit your account for the next week.) Make checks payable to Pamm Clark. No post-dated checks will be accepted. There is a late fee of $5 for each day that payments are late. Parents must add this in when payments is made.

If a check is returned for insufficient funds there will be a $25 charge. Children will not be allowed to return to care the check is cleared and the fee paid, or other arrangements have been made with me. After the second returned check, I will accept only cash and the above rules apply.

It is in good faith that I do not ask for an additional week�s tuition in advance to cover any potiental loss I may have, as other providers do. In turn, I ask you to deal fairly with me per our agreement.

Hours of Operation

Pamm�s House is open Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-5:30pm. Other hours may be arranged in advanced.

Termination Policy

After the two week trail period a one-week or more notice must be given by parents or provider prior to termination child care service. Parents will be responsible for paying for the week after notice is given, even if parents choose not to keep children in care.

Parent Termination: I appreciate as much advance notice as possible when terminating, and will give the same courtesy in return. You are required to give a one-week notice when you decide to terminate child care. At the time of the notice any unused vacation days become void.

Provider Termination: I reserve the right to terminate for the following reasons but not limited to:
*Failure to pay
*Lack of compliance with policy
*Lack of parental or guardian cooperation
*Failure to complete to the required form and provide necessary information
*Failure of child to adjust to the daycare home after a reasonable amount of time
*Verbal or physical abuse of any person or property by child, parent, relative or friends
*My inability to meet the child�s needs
*Serious illness of child or provider or provider�s family members
*False information given by parent or guardian either verbally or in writing

I will give a one-week written notice of termination. Full tuition is due whether or not your child is in attendance. I reserve the right to give written notice of immediate termination where there are extreme circumstances that affect the well-being of myself, my family, or other children in attendance.

I Have Limits

During our busy day, there is so many things to do and keep track of. I am happy to give medication, keep the children changed and clean, make sure everyone gets a restful nap, and so many other things. I am sorry, but I do not have the time to do other tasks with your children such as brush teeth, check homework, constantly hold your child, and other extras.

Birthdays and Christmas

Birthdays: You may bring a treat for us to share at snack time, only if you�d like to. Please try to make arrangements with me by the day before. If it�s candy, it must be all-age appropriate. Please NO gum!!! Thanks!

Christmas: Instead of gift-buying for the other children in daycare, it is my policy that each family purchase a gift for the daycare home instead. You can spend as little or as much as you�d like. I will be giving out a �wants and needs� list to offer suggestions. Some of the things the list might include are: a replacement of broken toys, videos, books, games, art supplies, etc. These gifts will be opened by everyone at our Christmas party. I would prefer if you child(ren) not know what you are buying. Wrap it and label it �To Pamm�s House� and have no �From� on it. Thanks.


***The house is our home first and a daycare home second. Please respect this. I will not discriminate in relation to admission as provided in U.S. federal discrimination laws.
***Occasionally I will ask for a small donation or fee to help cover the cost of special programs or projects. These donations are never mandatory, and no child will be excluded from an activity because of non-donation.
***As a provider, I reserve the right to make changes in the daycare environment without advance notice to the parents, as long as any change remains within regulations and, to the provider�s knowledge, will not compromise the physical and mental well being of the children in care. This may include physical changes in the environment, as well as additions of pets or other children in the home.
***Please understand that the hours your child is in care are strictly �daycare� hours and does not reflect all the additional hours necessary to provider quality childcare.

Changes in Policy

I reserve the right to make changes in policies as I deem necessary. You will be notified in writing of any changes that may occur. Every attempt will be made to give a two-week notice of change. There will be a yearly review and revision to this handbook.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to be involved at Pamm�s House in a variety of ways:

**Monetary donations for field trips or activities
**Donation of time for field trips, party help, circle time guest, craft preparation etc.
**Donation of skills for repairs
**Donation of supplies for projects

Any monetary donation left over at the end of an activity will be spent on our Christmas party.

About Myself

I was born and raised in Central California. I have worked with children in some capacity steadily since I was six-years-old, when I organized play with my two younger sisters. It grew to teaching Sunday school, babysitting, and caring for up to 5 children at once during my high school years.

I am now married and a home schooling mother of two wonderful children. I chose family daycare as a profession to contribute to the family income while still schooling my children and spending time with my family.

I am a 1993 graduate of Taft College with an AA degree with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education. I am continuing my ECE education by taking CPR and ECE workshops and classes yearly.

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