March -- Week 4

Ideal for
16 months -
2 1/2 years
MONDAY Make this Easter Hands Wreath. Toy Wash & Swap Recite:
"God would keep his promise." Hebrews 11:11


Jesus Dies on the Cross, Jesus Is Alive Again, Jesus Shows He Is Alive, Jesus Goes Back to Heaven
pages 130 - 137

Sign Language: Cloud


Jesus is Alive Today
Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb

Jesus is alive today
alive today
alive today.
Jesus is alive today,
it is Easter morning!


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Planning Ideas

Flash Cards and/or Felt Shapes:

Letters: O, P

Number: 9

Color: Review

Shape: Rainbow


Have the children color with markers on white paper. Make a copy of this poem to glue on after they have finished coloring.

Red is for the blood He shed, Green is for the grass He made, Yellow is for His sun so bright, Orange is for the edge of night. Black is for the sins we made, White is for the grace He gave, Purple is for His hours of sorrow, Pink is for a new tomorrow.

Make Jelly Bean Gift Bags

Fill a baggie with one jelly bean of each color and attach this poem for the children to give away:

The Jelly Bean Prayer
RED is for the blood He gave.
GREEN is for the grass He made.
YELLOW is for the sun so bright.
ORANGE is for the edge of night.
BLACK is for the sins we made.
WHITE is for the grace He gave.
PURPLE is for HIS hour of sorrow.
PINK is for our new tomorrow.
A bag full of Jelly Beans, Colorful and sweet. Is a prayer, is a promise, Is a friend's small treat.

WEDNESDAY Teach all or some of this Jesus Dies on the Cross lesson and crafts. Build a Tomb from blocks or Duplos and place a picture of Jesus inside. Talk about how Jesus was placed in the tomb after He died on the cross; the Roman soldier and big rock that guarded the door; and how Jesus said He would rise again in 3 days. Count together 1-2-3 and roll the rock away. Take Jesus out - He is alive! Sing God's not dead, NO! He is alive. God's not dead, NO! He is alive. God's not dead, NO! He is alive. I know, He's living in me.
THURSDAY Make Easter Egg Angels: On plastic Easter Eggs tape on wings cut out of construction paper (or foil), glue on yarn hair, etc. Talk about the message that the angels told the women, "Jesus is alive!". Wipe-Off Heart: Cut a heart shape out of construction paper. Cover with clear contact paper. Have the children write on it with a dry erase marker and wipe off. Discuss how Jesus raising from the dead erases the sin on our heart.
FRIDAY Easter Dress-Up: The children can dress up as angels, soldiers, the women and the disciples. Hopping: Practice hopping like bunnies!

Cross Cake

Cross Shaped Sugar Cookies

Cheese Slices



Hold an Easter Egg Hunt.

Cross Cake: Bake a 9"x13" sheet cake with layers of chocolate, red velvet, and white to represent our sin, Jesus' blood, and the purity we have after He covered our sins. When it is cooled, cut the cake into a cross shape. Ice the cake with chocolate icing, and decorate it. Talk about the significance of the cross while you decorate. Resurrection Eggs teach about Christ's death, burial and resurrection.

This site gives an idea to make your own OR purchase them.

Play a game of Hot Potato using and Easter Egg.

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