Theme: Noah's Ark (Genesis 6-9)
Gross Motor: Spoon & Fork
Math: 9
Science: Animals
Color: Review
Letters: O, P
Shape: Rainbow
Bible: "God would keep his promise." Hebrews 11:11


Trip To A New World, page 22

To get the children's attention, tell this story from under an umbrella.

Here's a GREAT lesson plan from First-School.

Play Noah Says (like Simon Says).

There are wonderful ideas at Danielle's Place.

Read Noah's Ark .

Sung to "London Bridge is Falling Down"

Noah was a friend of God,
friend of God, friend of God,
Noah was a friend of God,
He loved God

The Rains Came Down
Adapted from "The Wise Man And The Foolish Man"

The rains came down (Fingers wiggling downward)
And the floods came up (Palms up and moving upward)
The rains came down (Fingers wiggling downward)
And the floods came up (Palms up and moving upward)
The rains came down (Fingers wiggling downward)
And the floods came up (Palms up and moving upward)
And the boat on the water was safe (Crossed arms across chest)

Gross Motor--Spoon & Fork

Give the children spoons and/or forks at each meal. Model using spoons and forks in front of the children.

Make a place-mat for each child out of construction paper. Trace around a plastic plate, spoon, fork, napkin, cup, etc. on the place-mat in the proper setting. Have the children practice "setting" their place. (You can simplify this place setting from 0 to 5.)


Clap 9 time, hop 9 time, jump 9 times, etc.

Put 9 animal stickers on a sheet of paper or on a Paper Plate Ark.

Print out Number Nine Buddy.


Choose one or more Animal Crafts from DLTK Kids or Enchanted Learning.

Play Follow the Leader pretending to be animals.

Make an Animal Collage using magazine pictues.


In like a lamb (baa-baa-baa) (hands to head to make lamb ears)
With wooly fur
March is said to go out with a GRRRR
(make hands into lion claws and growl)

In like a lion (ROAR-lion claw hands)
With furry mane
March is sait to
Go out quite tame
(fold hands, bow head)


Color Mixing: In a Zip-Lock baggie squirt in some shaving cream. Experiment with mixing colors by adding drops of liquid water colors or food coloring. Provide other opportunities for color mixing: play dough, food coloring, paints, finger paints, etc.

Choose one or more activities from Preschool Education.

Make a Color Mobile: Cut simple shapes from colored paper, attach each to a string or thread and suspend it from a hanger or stick balancing the shapes so the mobile doesn't tilt to one side.

Take a Nature Walk and "Chart" colors as you discover them.

Make a Color Memory Game by putting stickers or colored paper on index cards. Turn all the cards upside down, turning two at a time over and matching the colors.

Make a Color Book: On each page glue pictures of magazines, bits of ribbon, etc. all one color. Make a red page, a blue page, etc. Staple together with a nice Color Book cover.

Letters--O, P

"O" words to build on: Oatmeal, Ovals, Orange, Open, On

"P" words to build on: Post cards, Paper Plates, Pizza, Puzzles, Playdough, Potato, Popcorn

Letter of the Week: O and P

Links to more ideas are on my Alphabet Links Page.


Choose one or more activities from Enchanted Learning.

Rainbow Fingerplay

I see a rainbow in the sky (hand sweeps overhead in half-circle)
Each time the sun shines through the rain (fingertips falling as for rain)
It tells God's promise not to send (index finger points to Heaven)
A flood on all the earth again (arms open wide for the earth)

Bible--"God would keep his promise."

Print the Bible words, "God would keep his promise." Hebrews 11:11, on rainbow color sheets and other crafts. Repeat the words out loud as much as possible.

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