December Week 1

Symbols of Christmas, Part 1

I feel it's important to have a nativity scene the children can touch and to tell the story with. Tell the Christmas story every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas using the scene, then give the children a chance to explore the figures and to tell the story.

Ideal for
16 months -
2 1/2 years


Manger Scene

Scene of the Birth of Christ

Dramatic Play Area: Hang a star above the area, use a small box with straw, baby blanket, and doll (the manger), stuffed animals (animals in the stable), ponchos with hoods (shepherds & Mary), crowns (for wise men), children's bath robes (costumes for Joseph, wise men, angles, etc.), headband halos for the angles, etc. Use your imagination for easy props. This could turn into a Christmas play for parents! Toy Wash & Swap
Fire Prevention
Recite: "Jesus was born for you." Luke 2:11


An Angel Tells Good News, page 78

Attention Getter: Tell this story while using the touchable nativity scene to illistrate.

Sign Language: Stars


Counting Up Christmas

Here's the mother of Jesus, (little finger)
And Joseph stands so tall, (ring finger),

Now two shepherds from the field. (middle and pointer fingers),
Do we have them all?

We're missing Baby Jesus, (thumb)
born on Christmas Day.

Happy birthday, Jesus, is what we have to say.


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Planning Ideas

Flash Cards and/or Felt Shapes:

Nativity Scene

Letters: I, J

Number: 6

Color: Yellow

Shape: Star


Mary & Joseph

Jesus' Earthly Parents

Walk to Bethlehem-- Before you take a long walk through your play yard and classroom area, talk about what a long journey Mary and Joseph were going to make. Let the children help you pack things they would need (such as toy foods, blankets, etc.) Go on a walk and as you walk talk about what Mary and Joseph might have seen on that journey, what they heard, how cold it was. When you get to the classroom manger scene (described above), ask the children if they are hungry or thirsty or about how tired, hungry etc. Mary and Joseph were -- but there was no room at the inn for them. Mary Had A Baby Boy
(Tune: Mary Had A Little Lamb)
Mary had a baby boy,
baby boy, baby boy,
Mary had a baby boy,
And Jesus was his name.


Baby in Manger

Our Reason for Celebrating

Make Birth Announcements for Baby Jesus. Either decorate your own from scratch, make some on your computer to decorate, or "decorate & fill-out" pre-printed ones (usually can find at the Dollar Store or other discount sotre). Care for Baby Jesus--Play with baby dolls, blankets, and other baby doll accessories.


God's Messangers & First to Announce Christ's Birth

Make this Handprint
& Footprint Angel
10 Little Angles
There was one, there were 2, there were 3 little angels,
There were 4, there were 5, there were 6 little angels,
There were 7, there were 8, there 9 little angels,
Ten Little angels in that band!



Announced Christ's Birth

If possible, give each child a flashlight, or have a few to pass around. Show the children how to turn on the lights every time you say, "Jesus, the Light of the world."

Blink, Blink

It's Christmas.
Jesus is born for me.
Jesus the Light of the world.

It's Christmas.
Jesus was born in Bethlehem.
Jesus the Light of the world.

It's Christmas.
Jesus is my Savior.
Jesus the Light of the world.

It's Christmas.
Happy Birthday, Jesus.
Jesus the Light of the world.

Play with Playdough and
Star Cookie Cutters

Picnic Foods

Baby Food

Angel Cookies

Star Cookies

A fun way to
Introduce the Touchable Nativity
is to wrap up each figure in a small box. Make sure the box that baby Jesus is in is the biggest and the best wrapped. Have a present for each child to open, and as they are opened, set up the nativity scene. Save the best for last, agree with the children about how this is the most beautiful looking present. It is a free gift, it is Jesus, this is what Christmas is all about. This can be done at any-time of year.
Make Christmas Cookies in the shape of this week's Christmas Symbols.

Have a Birthday Party for Jesus: Have a party complete with decorations, birthday cake, party games and activities.

Choose one or more crafts or activities from this
Star Bright
Preschool Lesson Plan

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