Theme: Jesus Is Born; Shepherds & Wise Men (Luke 1, 2)
Gross Motor: Marching
Math: 6
Social Science: Christmas
Color: Yellow
Letters: I, J
Shape: Star
Bible: "Jesus was born for you." Luke 2:11

Theme -- Jesus is Born & Shepherds & Wise Men

A Message from Heaven, page 130
It's Time, page 136
We Saw the Sign, page 140

* I feel it's important to have a nativity scene the children can touch and to tell the story with. I have two sets (links on this page). Tell the Christmas story every day using the scene, then give the children a turn to tell the story.

* Set up a dramatic play area: Hang a star above the area, use a big box (entrance for the stable), a small box with straw, baby blanket, and doll (the manger), stuffed animals (animals in the stable), ponchos with hoods (shepherds & Mary), crowns (for wise men), children's bath robes (costumes for Joseph, wise men, angles, etc.) and headband halos for the angles. Use your imagination for easy props. This could turn into a Christmas play for parents!

* Have a birthday party for Jesus!

* Here's an Avent Wreath and Stand-up Nativity Printable Lesson Plan Activities from First School.

* Teach all or some of these Christmas lessons and crafts at DLTK Bible.


Mary Had a Baby Boy
(Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Mary had a baby boy,
baby boy,baby boy,
Mary had a baby boy,
And Jesus was his name.

She wrapped him up in swaddling clothes,
swaddling clothes,swaddling clothes,
She wrapped him up in swaddling clothes,
And laid him in the hay!

He came to show us God's great love,
God's great love, God's great love,
He came to show us God's great love,
On that first Christmas day!!

Gross Motor -- Marching

* March in time to some music (Christmas music?).

* March to Circle Time, march to lunch, march to the door, march around the playground, etc.

* March with rhythm instruments and have your own marching band!

Math -- 6

* Count up to 6 objects with the children. Talk about how 6 is also called a half dozen.

* Make this Number 6 Buddy.

Social Science -- Christmas

** NOTE: Although Santa is fun, I leave him up to the parents. I try to concentrate on Jesus' birth and the other symbols of Christmas.

* Set up a wrapping station with empty boxes or blocks of all sizes, wrapping paper (or the comics from the newspaper), tape, and ribbon.

* Cat collars with bells on them make great "instrments" for singing Christmas songs with. Just buckle them up to make a circle. You can often find them at the dollar store.

* Check out my Toddler pages on the Symbols of Christmas.

Color -- Yellow

* Make a Yellow Collage using bits of red tissue paper, yellow fun foam, yellow yarn, yellow stickers, yellow with red crayons and markers, etc.

* Have a "Yellow Day": Everyone wear yellow, serve graham crackers with yellow frosting, eat bananas, etc.

* Sing some songs about yellow from Preschool Education.

Letters -- I, J

* "I" words to build on: ice, ice cream, ice trays, ink pads, Indian, igloo, ink, iguana . . .

* "J" words to build on: Jesus, jewels, jelly, jeep, jacket, jam, jars, juice, jelly beans . . .

* Letter of the Week: I, J

* Links to more ideas are on my Alphabet Links Page.

Shape -- Star

* Cut a five-point star from sandpaper for each child. Have the children scribble on them with cinnamon stick. It smells wonderful and the children love the scratchy sound when making them. Punch a hole and string yarn through for hanging.

* Teach all or some of this Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Lesson Plan & Printable Activities.

Bible -- "Jesus was born for you." Luke 2:11

* Print the Bible words, "Jesus was born for you." Luke 2:11, on color sheets and other crafts. Repeat the words out loud as much as possible.

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