August -- Week 5
Friendship & Manners

Ideal for
16 months -
2 1/2 years
MONDAY Make a Collage of Friends--Have the children glue pre-cut pictures from magazines of people of all ages onto construction paper. Talk about how our friends are all different. Play Musical Hugs--Have the children dance to music. When the music stops, have them find a friend to hug. Continue with music, stop, hug another friend, etc. Recite:
"God created all things." John 1:3


Jesus Finds Some New Friends, page 92

Sign Language:



I have two friends, (hold up 2 fingers on left hand)
And they have me; (hold up 1 finger on right hand)
Two friends and me, (bend each from left to right)
That's one, two, three (hold up whle saying 1,2 3)


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Planning Ideas

Flash Cards and/or Felt Shapes:

Jesus Calls The Disciples

Letters: A, B

Number: 1, 2

Color: Red

Shape: Circle


Color this My Friend Jesus from Maxi Praise. Talk about how Jesus is your friend.

Action Rhyme Cover Your Mouth
Think of others please
when you cough or sneeze.
Cover your mouth.
One more time you'll have it.
Then it will be habit.
Cover your mouth.
WEDNESDAY Teach all or some of this Jesus' Friends lesson and activities from Mission Arlington. Have a Tea Party with dolls and teddy bears at snack time. Teach the children how to share and serve their friends first and to use good manners.
THURSDAY Make Thank You Cards out of construction paper and art materials. The cards can be for the parents or anyone the children want to thank. Form a Friendship Band--Everyone play a rhythm instrument and march around in the band with friends.
(Homemade Instruments from
FRIDAY Play with Playdough--Share the playdough and toys with your friends.

Ball Day! Roll the ball to each child and have him or her roll it back to you. As you roll the ball say, "Who does Jesus love? It�s Ricky!"
Snacks To Share
Oyster Crackers
Vanilla Waffers
Cheese Crackers
Animal Crackers
Parachute Play Have children stand and hold the edges of a large blanket, place one stuffed animal or one lightweight ball in the middle of the blanket and have the children try to bounce it as high as they can, but without bouncing it off the blanket. Add more animals and balls to make it more challenging. Try Bean Bag Toss--Take turns with your friends tossing bean bags into a hula-hoop on the floor.

Play Ring Around the Rosie

Jesus Loves God(arms in air), He loves others to (arms toward children), I will love God(arms in air) and I love you (hugs for everyone).

Note: Subsitute "Jesus" for the names of the disciples.

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