Toddler Theme

Ideal for
18 months -
3 years
MONDAY Make Dog Collages: Pre-cut pictures of dogs from magazines (ask your pet store if they have old liturature they can donate) and help the children glue them onto a piece of paper for a collage. Set up a Veterinarian, Pet Store, or Groomer Play Center: Stuffed dogs, play stethoscopes, bandages, brushes, etc. Recite:
"Do everything without complaining and arguing."
Philippians 2:14


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Sign Language: Dog



Doggie, Doggie,
Turn around. Doggie, Doggie, Touch the ground.
Doggie, Doggie, Shine your shoes.
Doggie, Doggie, Skidoo.


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Planning Ideas

Flash Cards and/or Felt Shapes:

Letters: C, D

Number: 3, 4

Color: Blue

Shape: Square


I like to pat my puppy (make puppy with one fist, pat)
He has such nice soft fur (pat puppy)
And it I don't pull his tail (pull tail)
So he won't say "Grrr!" (make angry face)

Pretend to Be a Dog: Have fun with dog toys, empty dog food and dog biscuit boxes, bowls, blankets, etc.
WEDNESDAY Teach this God's Big Plan by Mission Arlington. Choose one or more activity to do. Choose one or more activities on my Moses page.
THURSDAY Supply the children with dog bones. Have the children dip the bones into paint and press onto paper to make Dog Bone Prints. Play Hide the Dog Bones with the remaining dog bones. Next, play Toss the Dog Bones by tossing them into a box or a laundry or waste basket.
FRIDAY Make this Doctor D. Doggy Alphabet Buddy. Discuss Puppies and how they are baby dogs and how their mother will take care of them.


Dog Bones

Kix Cereal

Vienna Sausages

Vanilla Fingers Cookies

Pretzel Sticks

Learn about different Dog Breeds. Choose one or more of these DOG Lessons (Depend On God). Make Foot Dogs: Trace student's foot or shoe on brown, black, or white paper. Cut the shape out. Provide different ear shapes--long and floppy or short and pointy for the children to glue on. Then the children may add wiggly eyes and black pompom noses. Make this Doggy Paw Print Cake.

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