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I have worked with children most of my life, most notably, I owned a daycare for over a decade in which my main clients were young toddlers. In the early daycare years, I searched for suitable toddler curriculum with substance to it. There was hardly anything at all to choose from, and of the choices there was either a high price to pay for something with “meat” on it, or there was no “substance” to the curriculum at all.

I think many great things are born from the thought, “I can do better than that.” That is what happened with my curriculum experience. I wrote the first edition of my Young Toddler Curriculum for lack of something that was either affordable or suitable for my situation.

Several years later, my Young Toddler Curriculum remains one of the most popular among daycare providers. It’s affordable and has substance to it.

I’ve branched out over the years, writing Preschool Plans, Toddler Literature Guides, Bible Study Guides and even an eCookbook.

All of my products are now available to everyone through Pamm's House Membership. I’ve priced my materials so even the daycare provider on a tight budget can have access.

What do I offer?

That’s just about all you need to run your daycare! Where else can you get so much information? To download samples of each, Click Here.


All of Pamm’s House Memberships include ONE FULL YEAR of Membership.

Every Member gets access to the whole package. That is, everything that is available. Some elements are in the progress of being written and you will have access as soon as it is published. By making a purchase, you agree to these TERMS.

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