6 February 2006

Hi Pamm,

I just wanted to say thank you for making your website available and offering so much to us for free!!! I am a Christian former homeschool Mom of 2 preteen/teens. Our kiddos are now attending Christian school and I am now a licensed Christian daycare provider. I just opened a few months ago and have had a lot of trouble finding good lesson/activity plans suited to the younger ones. I just love your toddler curriculum! And your list of bookmarks is awesome too! I also scrapbook and stamp and use the Weight Watchers plan as well! My dh and I were just saying that it sounds like I've found a twin out there! :-D

Thank you again and May Jesus Richly Bless You!!!

In Jesus,

25 October 2005

Hi Pamm~

I am writing to tell you that every time I visit your website... you always have something new that I haven't seen yet!! Very cool!

This time when I was on your website I seen the Once A Month Cooking thing... OMGOSH!!! It sounds so neat! I just bought the book tonight from the 30daygourmet team.. on Amazon. Even though it is the edition from 1999 I am sure that I will be completely blown away! I want to thank you so much for having that on your website, or I would of never known about it!

Also I signed up to remind myself every day to pray those same prayers for my husband! It was very neat of you to put that there too. And my husband can sure use ALOT MORE GOD in his life. I have been working on my faith everyday. The closer to God you get the more it angers the devil..LOL.

Thanks again.. you're so helpful. You inspire me to find more things to put on my website...I have to find something just as cool


26 August 2005

Thank you soooo much for this wonderful website!!! I absolutely love your curriculum!!!!!


5 August 2005

I have been checking out your website and decided I needed to say hello and express appreciation for putting together such a nice site. I have been doing home daycare for the last four years and I try to focus on children aged 2 to 5 although I have a new 19 month old starting next week. I suppose there are exceptions to every rule!

I totally agree with you about parents needing to see some "products" or "evidence" that they are doing something valuable each day. For the last few years I have avoided this but I have recently admitted to myself that there is a balance that I must achieve where the children come home with something that looks more deliberate than open-ended creative artwork. I am working to find this balance now and your ideas are helping out in that department.

Well I knew that I needed to say hi when I read on your Naming Your Daycare page and the example you gave was Lakeside Family Daycare - which happens to be the name of my daycare. I have been contemplating changing it though to Lakeside Family Preschool for the credibility of the preschool title. I am still not sure about it though - I go back and forth on it.

Thanks again. I hope I can become at least half as organized as you oneday soon!!


2 August 2005

I just love your site, I looked forward to looking at it again and again. I am also a Christian child care provider and found your web site to be a blessing.


14 September 2005

I just wanted to write to thank you. You have the most wonderful curriculum, and it is for TODDLERS! I am going to be starting a daycare at my home and I am planning on taking infants and toddlers only. I have 2 kids, I have a 15 month old and a 2 and a half year old. These ideas are wonderful, and the fact that you incorporate the Bible in to your themes is amazing. You are an amazing woman for doing this. All children need the Bible in their life. I never did when I was little and I wish I would have. I am doing all I can to incorporate it in to my kids' lives and the kids I take care of. You have done a wonderful job!

Thank you,
Megan Bowen

22 September 2005

Pamm - I just want to tell you that I love, love, love your website. Finding it was truly a blessing! I lost my job recently, and was lost as what to do next! I have wanted to open a daycare in my home for years, but always just had a 9-5 and it never seemed the right time! Well God has said, "now is the time!" But Lord knows I am a little scared! Your website has given me wonderful ideas and courage!!!! I wish that I lived near you so that my babies could come to YOUR house! I want my home daycare to be a safe, loving, christian, structured and fun learning environment for the children and everyday I read a little more of your website and learn exactly how to make that happen! I needed help with how to get started, set-up, the least expensive way to get toys for the babies, what curriculum would be best and just about everything else you could imagine...I needed the advice! So thank you for sharing your ideas with us, I really appreciate the help! (Once I get my daycare going, I will be emailing you to do my website!) Anyway, pray for me as I start this journey! Thank you again for your wisdom! Be blessed!

"Gigi" (a new childcare provider!)

30 July 2005

I wanted to thank you for this it helped me do my lesson plans and it was great. The children had a lot of fun so thanks again. If you could do an update for this year that you be great Once again thank you.

Yours Truly,

15 June 2005

Pamm, just had to drop you a line. I am relatively new at day care - 3 years this time (5 about 12 years ago). Your contract and handbook will be a great aid in revising mine this next month. Sooo many good ideas - really like the Muffins with Moms. My moms usually just drop off their babies and have little interaction with the other moms.

BTW, I am an ex-homeschool mom (I don't think you are really an ex). Homeschooled my daughter from 5th grade to graduation (three years ago now).

I have also been in Weight Watchers this past 9 months - lost 35 lbs!

I thoroughly enjoyed your website! Keep up the good work!


2 June 2005

Hello Pamm,

I absolutely love your website! It is so creative and fun. It's a joy to research on it. I'm looking to open a daycare and am just gathering as much information as I can. I sure found the right website!!!! . . . . Thank you so much for your website, it's so informative and has been a tremendous help.


25 May 2005

Hi Pamm,

What a wonderful website you have! We have so much in common! I am a Christian homeschooling mom of two taking over a family daycare in about two weeks here in WV. I'm so grateful that I came across your website since it was so full of ideas that I can put to use. . .

Thanks for your time and God bless you!


15 May 2005

Hi! I am Tonya I live in Minnesota. I just started home-daycare in April. I have two infants and my daughter is 13 months. I have a 3 year old coming to visit on Tuesday. I love your website. You did a great job and has lots of ideas. My biggest challenge is my daughter not hurting the infants. I was thinking to use a circle infant gate , so she can't get to them when I am making meals or doing other things. Have you ever used one before? Do you have any easy and healthy meal ideas? Let me know and thank you so much. Tonya

    Dear Tonya, I haven't used a circle infant gate, but I do use a playpen all the time in the same way. I also put infants in a hi-chair, exersaucer, bouncy seat, or swing. I gate-off my kitchen, too.

    Please visit my Kitchen for my recipes & meal ideas.

11 May 2005

Pamm, God Bless you first of all.

Your site is a God send to me. I have 4 children of my own and am just getting things in order to start my own daycare. I homeschool my children and do Bible and have God in all our work. . .

I have been looking and searching family child care to make sure I am covering all the bases. Your site has been the best by far. Keep up the great work and know that you have helped and inspired me a great deal.

Hope we can keep in touch. Blessings,

20 April 2005

Just wanted to let you know that your curriculum was sooooo helpful!! I had searched everywhere for something to do with the younger kids. Your site was such a blessing. Thank you for sharing it and allowing others to use it.

I pray you will be blessed for your generosity.

Thank You again
Jennifer (Preschool Playtime)

17 April 2005


I was just searching the internet for ideas to do with my 1yr old 2yr old class that i am just starting to work with. I feel that the curriculum you made is very interesting. You did a wonderful job. I think that this site is one of the best I have seen.

Thank You for providing everyone with information.

Carrie Speight

16 April 2005

Thanks for this great resource! I am the lead teacher in an �older ones� Christian preschool class for the first time and was stumped on activities. Your Web site has proven to be invaluable!

Julie Andreen

8 April 2005

Dear Pamm,

First, thank you for your website. It is a true blessing. I appreciate your willingness to share openly about your struggles with homeschooling and child day care.


3 April 2005

What a helpful site! Thank you! Keep it up!


2 April 2005

Hello Pamm,

My name is Suzanne. I loved your website!! You have put so much time into designing a site that is so worthwhile and informative. I am considering opening my home to care for infants. I am very interested in the infant curriculum. Is it available for purchase? Will you please let me know? I also live in Arizona. Tucson to be exact. Thank-you again I truly enjoyed visiting your site. Your willingness to share is incredible.

Suzanne Clay

2 April 2005

Hello! I just received my daycare license and signed up for the yahoo group childcare-christian which I read something that you had posted. At the end I saw your website listed and decided to check it out. I have already spent a good 2 or more hours involved in it and I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful thing you have there. Especially the advice for praying for your husband daily. I printed that one out and plan to do the same. Thanks for all the information and I look forward to hearing anything else you have to say... God bless you and yours.


Hi Pamm,

I feel so blessed to have visited your site. I am practically in tears... Well I guess honestly , I am in tears! You have an incredible site! May you enjoy the Blessings that God has given you!

Deb,Kiddie Central

9 March 2005

Dear Pamm,

I have to first tell you, you were an angel sent from heaven! I have been praying about the idea of keeping children in my home. . . I love children and we have so much at our home to offer and entertain. My main concept is that I would be a Christian childcare provider. I want to keep school age children and be a witness to Jesus Christ (for any who have not been brought up to know him). I am not an educated or trained teacher other than the experience of raising my own. Your site is such a wonderful and informative site and it provided ALOT of what I was wanting for ideas and suggestions. Most of the sites I have been to are for pre-school age and one of the ideas I would like help with and suggestions for is of course for the ages (K-5th or 6th) I mentioned,for daily schedule of activities. We are fortunate that we have a swimming pool, lots of land (for nature hikes for appreciation of God's creation), many things for outdoor exercise (they could even bring their bikes), Christian books/stories (and other books) & the capability to play movies, music, etc. I want to have a devotion time, a time for Bible lessons/stories, praise & worship music, etc. Can you give me ideas or suggestions for like a week or month and ideas for rotations? I also have the availability to transport children to outings (once a week or every other was my idea)such as the zoo or movies, etc. I also considered having them bring a bag lunch on Fridays (a friend of mine did this and the parents did not mind). Thank you so much for the information you have already provided me with and the excellent recipes. Thank you in advance for your response to my e-mail and any other advice or info you could provide me with! I'm still praying about my (& The Lord's) decision! One other thing. Do you have your parents sign any kind of release?

Thank you again. You and your web site have been a God send! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sincerely & Love in Christ,

P.S. I don't know how you have the time to provide the info for this site like you do. It was exceptional and very user friendly. Vicki Mouse also did a GREAT job!!!!!!

5 March 2005

Hi, Pamm
This is Rita, we are on a group together. I've just spent a very enjoyable hour crusing your site. You have done an awesome job! I love the way you have your things set up. It was especially enjoyable to me because you and I have many things set up similarly in our home child care set ups. So many sites have to do with centers, it was great seeing another accredited home child care.

Just wanted to say "thank you" for sharing your great ideas!


28 February 2005

Just wanted to let you know that your site is THE BEST I have ever seen! I have printed out all your themes, etc. to give me ideas! Please NEVER close your site! It is a huge inspiration to me. I am suppose to be getting my license this week and am so excited about starting daycare. I cant wait to use some of your ideas. Thank you for all your hard work!!!


24 February 2005

Your page is the bomb! I love your site. I love the set up as well...An Oscar, No A Grammy for PammsHouse!!!!! lol


23 February 2005

My goodness. I spend a lot of time looking at your web site. You are a PLETHORA of childcare info. You should write a how to book and make extra money. Visiting your site is like visiting the Grand Canyon. It would take you a month to see everything on it. As I said before, you are the Queen of Childcare Management. Keep up the Greatness!

Your Faithful Follower,



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