This is an email written by my friend, Brandie. It was so helpful, I asked her if I could use it on my site.
Thanks Brandie!

Naming Your Day Care

Coming up with my name took so long. I thought about it for so long...I wanted it to be perfect! Here are my tips on picking a name:

One idea is to get a piece of paper and write down the following groups of words...keeping them separate:

      1) A bunch of things that you love or say something about you -- what seasons do you love, what plants, what colors, what hobbies, and so on.
      2) Jot down a list of words that mean "children" or "child care" to you. When you think of children, what comes to mind?
      3) Write down adjectives: sweet, darling, little, one, simple, true, joyful, happy, etc.
      4) Also do up yet another list with child care name endings, such as family daycare, daycare, child care, child development, place, home, academy, preschool, kid care, etc.

Take these lists and study them over a few days...add new words you come across in your everyday life and something might spring out at you, I came up with my name by doing this -- just when I thought I would not find a name I liked, something popped out at me and I loved it.

While not my personal style, many people like something simple like Joan's Daycare or Smith Family Child Care.

Here are a few more ideas:
--Use your street name: Elm St. Family Daycare
--Use an acronym, like TLC (that usually stands for Tender Loving Care) and figure out a different way to use the letters (like Tina's Learning Care)
--Consider the area around you. A lake nearby? Call yourself Lakeside Family Daycare. Near the mountains? How about Mountain View Child Care?
--Do a search on the web for poems or songs about children. Read the poems and a word or combination of words might appeal to you. For example, as I read the word "harmony" in a poem, I thought of how fitting that would be in many child care settings.

I would also consider writing your philosophy. Spending some time on your feelings about child care and what you plan to offer can help you find a name. Having a name that connects to your thoughts on children makes the name much more meaningful.

Hope this helps!


Brandie is a wife and homeschooling mom to three children, who also works full-time from her home designing original scrapbook creations and teaching scrapbook classes.


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