June -- Week 5


Ideal for
16 months -
2 1/2 years
MONDAY Paint with Water: Provide outdoor paint brushes and buckets of water. Show the children how to paint the sidewalk, walls, outdoor toys, or anything else they think needs to be painted. Make Hair Cups. Have the kids draw or glue on pre-cut faces on the front of Styrofoam cups. Plant grass seed or herbs in the cups.....as the seeds grow - their cup will grow hair!! Explain that water helps the plant to grow. Recite:
"Jesus went around doing good."
Acts 10:38


God Stops A River
page 48

Attention Getter: Tell this story while someone is blowing bubbles to represent the sea.

Sign Language:


Moses Loved God
Action Rhyme

Moses Loved God.
(Raise arms upward)
He loved others, too.
(Spread hands, palms up.)
I will love God
(Raise arms upward.)
And I love you.
(Hugs for everyone.)


Note: Add this section for older children. Click here for
Planning Ideas

Flash Cards and/or Felt Shapes:

Letters: U, V, W

Math: Counting 1 to 1

Color: Black

Shape: Octagon

TUESDAY Sink or Float: Fill a dish pan 3/4 full with water. Have several items on hand to test, pick up an item and ask the kids to guess if it will float or sink. Let them hold the items in their hands while they guess! Then ask them to place the item in the water. Did it sink or float? Exlpore Ice: Fill a dish pan or water table with lots of different sized ice chunks and explore the properties of ice. Handle ice with mittens. Add salt, food coloring, dirt, etc.
WEDNESDAY Teach all or some of this Through the Red Sea lesson and activities from Mission Arlington. Watch
Prince of Egypt.
THURSDAY Sea Aquariums: Children glue collage items (fish crackers, gummy frogs, plastic seahorses, etc.) onto a paper plate. Next, attach a plate with the middle cut out and blue cellophane on it to the collage plate. Deep Sea Bottles: In bottles place a mixture of water and oil then add toy fish, whales, seashells, "glow in the dark" worms (to represent eels), etc. Add food coloring to make it more appealing. Tape the bottles closed and allow the children to explore.
FRIDAY Summer Splash Day!!! Children bring their swimsuits and water shoes. Fill a small pools or buckets with water. Add water toys and lots of supervision. Consider a sprinkler for the children to run through, too. Swimming in the Pool

Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool
When days are hot when days are cool
In the swimming pool
Back stroke, side stroke, and Fancy diving too
Oh, don't you wish that you could have nothing else to do but . . .(continue on with the beginning)


Fish Crackers

Gummy Fish

Snow Cones

Crackers with Ice Water

Fruits & Veggies
Grown with Water

Squeezing Water Fun:
Use 2 small bowls, one empty, one full of water. A child soaks a sponge in the water, then squeezes it out over the empty bowl till that bowl has all the water in it.

Objects In Ice: Freeze small objects (plastic animals and fish, buttons, bells, letter/number tiles, shells, rocks, etc) in ice cube trays, margarine bowls, etc. You can add food coloring to the water before freezing it. Right before class begins, pop the ice out of the containers and into the water table. Provide spoons and other tools for the children to help them chisel the small objects out of the ice. I Spy Game: Fill one or more zip-lock baggies with miscellaneous small toys (animals, plastic letters, lego blocks) and glitter. Then fill the bags with water and freeze them. When the bags are frozen, play the "I Spy With My Little Eye" game.

Ice Castles: Fill castle-shaped sand buckets with water and freeze them. The next day, I place them in a dish tub and allow toddlers to stack in different formations.

Other ice shape options: Keep your eyes open for those cute ice cube trays that come in all kinds of shapes. I usually can find them at thrift stores and yard sales.

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