Meet Our Pets
Written by Pamm Clark

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Pets were a big part of our child care. The pets provided just the right distraction for an upset toddler, a way to teach empathy, and added joy to everyone's lives. The dogs worked as "service dogs" during daycare hours.


She is our first "pound puppy". Now all of the Peanuts Cartoons make sense because she's so Snoopy-Like. You can check out Tillie's Scrapbook here.

"Aahh....laundry day is my favorite!"

"Are you going to get
off the computer soon?"


After nine months of having just Tillie, she got out of the "puppy" stage and started a "couch potato" phase and she put on some pounds. After some research, I decided adding another dog to our pack could be part of the answer. After two trips to the pound, Carlos was chosen. He was 18 months old and VERY activie (he still is!).

After some research, I discovered he's a Chipin, a Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher mix.

He's such a big dog in a small body. We have no idea what the first 18 months of his life was like, but it must have been rough. It has taken him over two months to seek comfort from a human. He's very gentle and extremely tollerant of the toddlers in the child care.

He has become Tillie's personal trainer, as we hoped. Tillie has lost over FIVE pounds (and Carlos weighs the same as the day we got him, LOL!) They are best of friends; playing for hours on end, then napping on the couch together.

Blue & Mo

After my sisters talked about their new Betta fish, I looked into getting one, too, (nothing like peer pressure to get me interested!) I did some research and after learning they are low maintenance and low cost, I decided to get a male betta. He's fun and relaxing at the same time.

Blue was our first and Mo, a Plecostomus (sucker fish or algae eater) was added a few months later. There's a very bad photo of him (or her) to the right. Sadly, Blue and Mo has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

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We had a short experience with a couple of dogs before Bear, but I consider Bear as my (our) first dog. He belonged to our son, but was also the family dog. I was very scared of dogs and wasn't excited about owning one. When we went to meet seven-year-old Bear, he was very calm and didn't jump up on any of us. I immediatly felt very safe around him, which is a big thing for me because he weighed over 100 pounds. We adopted him from a family who was moving and couldn't take him.

"Are you going to eat that?"
Of course, I was adamant that Bear be an outside only dog and of course, on the first night he ended up sleeping in our room (he was a fence jumper)! From that day on, he was an inside only dog, LOL! I just knew I wasn't going to get attached to this dog, but before long, he was one of the family--the little brother.

He went through everything with us: homeschooling, child care, good times, bad times, moving, etc. He just couldn't understand why we would get up early every Christmas morning, but didn't care after he discovered his special treat for the day. He loved to roll in the dirt, espically after his bath. He was the best vacuum cleaner we ever had. He loved the ocean. He would bark and growl at himself in the mirror.

He was seven-years-old when we adopted him. His age combined with his layed-back personality made him a little slow moving. He was extremely calm, easy going, and a love bug. He didn't make messes and we could trust him in any situation. He wouldn't run off or be agressive towards people. We got to love him for six and a half years before he died. Although we knew he had a great life and the end was near, it was so hard when he passed away (it's still hard!)


Ten-year-old Chase came to us just a few weeks after we lost Bear. He was very thin and in ill health and his owner could no longer care for him. He was spunky dispite his age and health and was much needed comic relief! He LOVED salad, LOL! We have two wonderful weeks of memories.

View Chase's Scrapbook.

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