Dog Care, Ideas, and Links
Compliled by Pamm Clark

Since I discovered I'm a dog person :) I've done some research on different aspects of dogs and I'd like to share my favorite links. I've included Beagle and Chipin links since those breeds are close to my heart. Don't forget to check out my page on homemade dog food and treats!

Rainbow Bridge
~Grieving for a pet~
Choosing a Dog

Dog Breed Information

Breed Selector




Dog Owner's Guide

Dog care

Herbal Insect Repellents

Pest Control

Natural Remedies

Probiotics For Dogs

Other Dog Info.

From Puppies To Dogs

Whole Dog Journal

Dog of the Day



Beagles and Buddies

Beagles on the Web

New Jersery Beagles


Chipin at Dog Breed Info

Dog Breed Hybrids

Hybrid Dog Information

Mixedbreed Dog

Our Pets Make Your Own
Dog Food
Benefits Of
Having Pets

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