Pamm's House Web Design Terms

By purchasing Web Design Services from Pamm's House you are bound by these Terms and Conditions:

Payment, Work & Progress Of Your Site: Payments are only accepted through PayPal. Work will begin AFTER your package has been purchased and I receive content from you. You must be in contact with me by email on a weekly basis at least, and provide some content and input within the first week of payment, or your payment will be forfited.

When your site is set up, I will provide you with your username and password and keep you informed of the progress and, of course, the finished product. I welcome your input and attention to any type-o's.

My prices are set for the "average" degree of dificulty. If you have something more complicated for me to put together, you will be notified in advance of any extra charges.

Pamm's House reserves the right to list your website in my Web Design Portfolio.

Graphics: I will always follow the terms of use for each graphic artist, no exceptions. There may be fees charged by the graphic artist, depending on the artist and the nature of your site. These fees are IN ADDITION to my fee and must be paid by you before the graphics can be used. To make your choice of graphics, visit Approved Graphic Artists.

Originality: I will do my best to make your web site yours. To do this, I will need your original content: photos, text, graphic choices, etc. The more, the better!

Site Location: All sites will be at Yahoo! Web Hosting. You will be required to purchase a package and optionally, your own domain through Yahoo!, and it must be done before I begin work on your site (if you need help with this, please ask me). The least expensive Yahoo! package is around $10/month. No other web hosting is considered at this time.

Disclaimer & Warranty: I am a Christian and will not tolerate any questionable material. Pamm's House Web Design is used at the customer's own risk. Pamm's House provides no Warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. Pamm's House is not financially responsible for losses suffered because of design errors or server down time and is not responsible for circumstances beyond my control. Sorry, no refunds are given.



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