September--Week 3

Ideal for
16 months -
2 1/2 years
MONDAY Make Cookie Cutter Prints: Dip cookie cutters in paint and stamp on large pieces of paper or paper grocery sacks. Make and play with Cookie Cutter Puzzles. Recite:
"Listen to what God says." Proverbs 4:20


Abraham Says Yes to God,
page 18

Attention Getter:
Tell the story while packing an old suitcase with the class toys.

Sign Language:


Abraham Loves God(arms in air), He loves others to (arms toward children), I will love God(arms in air) and I love you (hugs for everyone).


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Planning Ideas

Flash Cards and/or Felt Shapes:


Letters: C, D

Number: 3, 4

Color: Blue

Shape: Square

TUESDAY Cookie Cutters & Playdough--Set out cookie cutters and scented playdough (coca, ginger and cinnamon or vanilla). Show them how to roll out the dough and stamp with cookie cutters. Gingerbread Cookie Rhyme
Gingerbread cookies, yum, yum, yum.
I think that I will bake me some.
Gingerbread cookies, one, two, three.
One for you and two for me!

by Jean Warren

WEDNESDAY Teach all or some of this The Call of Abraham lesson and crafts at Henny Penny. Game from Educational Patterns for Children's Ministry: build an obstacle course with tables, chairs, pillows, lines of masking tape on the floor, etc. and have the kids pretend they're going on a long journey through a desert like Abraham and Sarah.
THURSDAY Make a Cookie by painting a paper plate with brown paint mixed with white glue. Use hole punches of different colors for the sprinkles. Read If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

FRIDAY Bake Cookies for snack. Either have the children help you with a roll of premade cookie dough or try a recipe from Running! Play some Running Games.
Snack Foods:

Vanilla Waffers


Animal Cookies

Chips Ahoy

Cookie Crisp Cereal

This Month's Shape: Square

** Make a Square Collage

** Go on a Square Hunt around the house or classroom.

** Square activities from Preschool By Stormie

Play What is a Square?
March around a masking tape square on the floor singing:

Tune: Farmer In the Dell
We walk along the square
We walk along the square
Four straight lines
All the same size
We walk along the square
C Is For Cookie

Make Sugar Cookies (or use graham crackers) and have the children decorate them with frosting and sprinkles.

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