Theme: Jesus Heals (Mark 2, Luke 5)
Gross Motor: Hopping
Math: Counting 1 to 1
Science: Plants & Insects
Color: Black
Letters: U, V, W
Shape: Octagon
Bible: "Jesus went around doing good." Acts 10:38

Theme -- Jesus Heals

    Read and talk about the Bible story daily.

    Helping A Friend, page 163

* Choose one or more activities from MSSS Crafts.

*Try Help Me Get Well from Kid's Sunday School Place.

* Teach Jesus is Our Healer lesson.

* Play The Mat Race.

Gross Motor -- Hopping

* Practice hopping inside and outside. Try "two-footed" hopping before hopping on one foot. Hop to different types of music.

Math -- Counting 1 to 1

* Play some Counting Games from Preschool Rainbow.

* Sing some songs about numbers from Preschool Education.

* Try one or more of these Math Activites.

Science -- Plants & Insects

* Go on a plant and/or bug hunt outside. How many can you find?

*Involve the children in planting a garden. This could be an all-out garden in the yard, a few seeds planted in a planter box, wheelbarrow, or wading pool, or plant beans in cup.

* There are lots of ideas at Danielle's Place for a "Bug Birthday Party" that can easily be adapted to fun learning, or you could just have a "Bug Party".

* Sing Itsy Bitsy Spider from ABC Teach.

* Check out my Ladybugs Toddler Theme.


Butterfly, butterfly (cross hands at wrists to make butterfly)
Sitting in a tree
Won't you come and play with me?
First we'll glide
(crossed hands slide)
Then we'll soar (hands soar high)
And then we'll sit upon the floor. (all sit down)

Color -- Black

* Make a collage of black items: scraps of paper, fabric, yarn, etc.

* There are lots of ideas at Preschool Express.

Letters -- U, V, W

* "U" words to build on: unbrella, unicorn, utensils, uniforms, underwear, up, upside down.

* "V" words to build on: Valentines, velvet, vase, violin, van, violets.

* "W" words to build on: watermelon seeds, waxed paper, washers, wool, wood scraps, wallpaper, wire, wet-wipes, wagon, worm, wings.

* Letter of the Week: U, V, W.

* There's more ideas on my Alphabet Links Page.

Shape -- Octagon

* Have children color on an octagon-shaped paper.

* Discuss how a STOP sign has 8 sides.

* Choose one or more activities from Preschool By Stormie.

Bible--"Jesus went around doing good."

* Print the Bible words, "Jesus went around doing good." Acts 10:38, on insects & plants color sheets and other crafts. Repeat the words out loud as much as possible.

* Choose a few activities from Preschool Activities/Memorizing Scripture through Activities from CalvaryCurriculum.com.

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