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Welcome to my store.  Check back often as I add new things periodically.

Pamm's House Membership
A year's access to everything Pamm's House offers: Toddler & Preschool Lesson Plans, Menus, Literature Guides, Bible Study Guides, and Leftovers On Purpose Cookbook.
Flexible Pricing
Toddler Curriculum
A printable version of my original Toddler Curriculum. Includes extras and menus. -Included with Membership. A Second Edition is in the works!
Flexible Pricing
Preschool Plans
Pamm's House Preschool Plans. Written for preschool-age children with letters, numbers, worksheets, Bible stories, etc. -Included with Membership
Flexible Pricing
Summer Plans
Fourteen weeks of preschool plans for the summer that includes "Wonderful Wednesdays", two Bible stories per week, and fun activities for each day. Easy to adapt to a group of all ages. -Also included with Membership
Literature Guides
Activities for toddlers based on a book. -Also included with Membership
$4 Each
Bible Story Guides
Activities based on common Bible stories. -Also included with Membership
$4 Each
Leftovers On Purpose Cookbook
Learn how to make meals ahead, cook for your freezer, or just want some new recipe ideas. -Also included with Membership
Samples & Freebies
Samples of my work, all for free!


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