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Code Amber

You can get an Amber Alert Ticker for your site. Click on the button to get one:


From The Weather Channel

Top Sites

I've found signing up for "Top Sites" is a good way to get traffic to my site. There are several out there. You can go to your search engine, enter "Top Sites" and go through them all. This is the one I use:


I really appreciate Bravenet! In additon to a Guestbook, Bravenet offers lots of other tools: Counters, Password Gate, Polls, Forms, Site Rings, and MORE!

Fight Web Plagiarism

At Copyscape, you can search the web to see if anyone is copying your pages. You can add their banner (several to choose from) to each of your pages to detour plagiarism.

Adding Matching Scroll Bar Colors

Annie does a great job explaining this. Visit her
"How do I add the Matching Scroll Bar Colors?" Page.


You can go to your search engine, put in "Free Hit Counter" and come up with lots of choices of hit counters. Here are my personal favorites:

Note: Click on each counter to visit the host site . . .

The Christian 
Counter OR hits.

Visitors Currently On Site

This is kind of fun . . . It lets you know how many visitors are on your site at any one time. You need to put the same code on all your pages to cover your entire site. I like this one:

Note: Click on it to visit the host site . . .


Another way to get exposure for your web site it to apply for awards. For ideas, check out my Awards Page. Also, here's a listing from Religious Resources.

Dictionary Search

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Bible Search from Crosswalk

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This is to download to your computer to clean it up after each session. It works great!!!

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