How I Set Up My Sign-In/Sign-Out Station

I didn't have a sign-in/sign-out station at first. I used to (from memory) write down the approximate times in/out for each child for the food program and just for my own records--that stressed me out!

I started having parents write down the time they drop-off/pick-up their child and initial (that's quick!). At first I had to remind the parents, but it quickly became a habbit for them to sign the book.

Also, I now have a record of who dropped off the child and who picked them up. It's a great record for those who are chronically early drop-off or late pick-up AND it's in their own handwritting to boot!

I would recommend every child care provider to use sign/in-out sheets!

The Sign-In/Sign-Out binder is on the blue shelf next to the door.  There is a digital clock above the bulliten board so the parents can write down the exact time.  There is also a calendar above the shelf.  There is a clip-on pen attached to the binder.  The lower shelves are empty and that's where the parents drop-off their diaper bags.

I set up the Sign-In/Sign-Out binder like this:

Each child has a divider tab; their last name on each tab. I use one sheet per family for the whole month. I use a form (see below) I print out. On the form I write the child's name at the top and the month and year. The parent then writes down the arrival time in on drop-off of their child and the departure time and their (the parent's) initals at the pick-up of their child. This way I know who picked up the child each day. The parent or I can write notes on the day, too.

PDF Version Here

I have since switched to a time-clock software: Lullaby's Time Clock Program. I got a mini computer specifically for the time clock computer. It works well with each parent having their own number to key into the time clock. I use a slide show screen saver with pictures of the children showing all day long. The parents and children love it.

Sadly, Lullaby went out of business. You could use

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