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Written by Pamm Clark

For parent interviews, I give a tour of my daycare area, then hand them my portfolio for them to browse through. I ask if they have been to my website where all the information is available for them to print; most parents have. Here's what we go over:

**FORMAT--You can use a scrapbook format or a binder. Both formats should include clear plastic sheet protectors. Make your portfolio professional and represent your personality. Decorate your pages using fancy stationary, rubber stamps, stickers, markers or crayons. I use a binder with photo inserts that I have added photos of the children and activities.
**INSIDE COVER--I have added a pocket at the inside cover of the binder. This pocket holds a laminated copy of my Interview List, a list of the things I want to go over with parents verbally during the interview so I don't miss the important parts. I also have a small form for parents to leave names, phone number, and email address so I can contact them later.
**POLICIES & INFORMATION-- I place a copy of my Policies and other informational forms in sheet protectors for prospective parents to browse. Sometimes parents ask questions about these forms.
**CERTIFICATIONS & INSPECTIONS--Here, I have added our CPR Cards, fingerprint cards, etc. In the next pages are a copy of my Fire Inspection.

**REFERRAL LETTERS--Letters parents have written recommending my services. (When a family leaves, I have them write a referral letter to add to this section.)

**CERTIFICATES--My AA degree and certificates from the classes and training I have received.

After the interview I send parents with my business card. With that they have my phone number, email address, and website where they can look over the information again if needed. I used to send out a copy of my packet with everyone, but that gets expensive.

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