Teddy Bear Express

London Bear
Bath Community Child Daycare
Bath, New York

April 28, 2005 -- London's first day in NY

London had fun meeting the kids today! They all just absolutely *LOVED* his glasses (and him too of course!)!!! I have some cute pics, but I'm still waiting on a couple permission slips (darn parents!).

This afternoon when most of the other kids had gone home the three boys that were left played a rowdy game of "Where's London?" Or "yun-yun" as one of them calls him! How many times they can put something in the same spot and say, "Where's London?" and find him just amazes me haha! It lasted a solid 45 minutes this afternoon before Daddy came!

We are so excited to have London and he's got a BIG week planned. He'll be going to Tyrtle Beach tomorrow night (more on that later ;-)), to Keuka Lake and to see the vineyards on Saturday, museums on Sunday... then next week he'll get a haircut, go to the doctor and even get to go to the hospital to see a new baby sister be born! Soooo exciting!

May 7, 2005 -- London's held up - SORRY

Hi everyone. London didn't get to leave for Ohio on Friday like he was supposed to! I'm so sorry! I promised myself that I'd get him out on time b/c I wouldn't have a reason to not and I didn't want to make him any later on his journey... but... he went to get a haircut on Thursday night and to spend the night with S and.... S's mommy got really sick that night and went into the hospital and she's 4 months pregnant so they were really worried and... London didn't make it to school on Friday. Turns out it was a kidney infection and they don't see any problems with the baby so that's good, but poor London took the weekend to recover from the stress and will be getting ready to hibernate for the trip to Ohio on Monday! We even changed our field trip to Monday, but if something happens to make that not happen I'll definitely send him out on my break that afternoon!

London Bear
1. Pamm's House
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
2. Little Tots Family Daycare
Richland Center, Wisconsin
3. Giggles-n-Grins
Mattoon, Illinois
4. Caution! Kids At Play
Child Care

Millersville, Maryland
5. Nanny's House Daycare
Walnut Ridge, Arkansas
7. Jenny's Daycare
Galloway, Ohio
London Returns Home
Pamm's House, Lake Havasu City, AZ

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