Infant & Toddler Lesson Planing Ideas
Written by Pamm Clark

Here are some ways that I have used different resources. It might give you ideas, too.
"Baby Time" Infant Curriculum: I print out each chart, put them in a binder in sheet protectors. I hang one on my wall on a push pin for easy reference and change them weekly. All the babies and toddlers love these "informal Circle Times".

Toddler Lessons: I print out the "Teacher Handout" section. I divide up the songs and activities into five days. I choose one song to do everyday to keep continuity. These songs and activites are very easy to work into a busy day with even young babies and young toddlers.

From the same resource from above, I downloaded The Toddler Curriculum Charts (I've put them Here.) You can use these with the above Toddler Lessons for extra activities, or, I use them (choosing one theme per week or bi-weekly) and selecting one activity to do each day (Monday is Scribble day, Tuesday is Activie Play, Wednesday is Messy Play and so on). This seems way too simple, but sometimes, I need something simple!

The Itty-Bitty Bookworm, Bailey's Kit, is an excellent choice for 18-month to 36-month olds. It's rich in literature and language. There are planned activities for each day including sign language, shape, color, and art. This is a great choice if you have the funds and a great time saver if you order the kit that comes with the books and supplies. I do like that you have the option to just order the CD Rom and print out what you need--that's a great money saver!

Hands On Homeschooling, Age 2 Curriculum, is very doable for young toddlers. There's a Bible story and two activities to do each day. As long as I've planned each day, it goes smoothly. It's not overwhelming and can be done in a very relaxed way.

Bible Story Concepts For Toddlers from Sunny Hollow Press: It comes on one CD Rom and you print out everything you need. It's very doable for one-year-olds. It also works well to do two days of a Bible story from this curriculum and two or three days of one of the above suggestions. It makes a great Bible supplement!

Playtime Devotions (Heritage Builders (Standard): This makes a wonderful Bible supplement to any curriculum. It's a wonderful stand-alone, easy curriculum, too. It's a great resource for infants through two's and three's. I like to focus on one devotion per week.

From an online friend: I use Preschool by Stormie as a curriculum. I put each month in a 3 ring binder, with pockets on the front and back cover and labeled for the month. I put ideas in the folder that I want to cover that month. I also have file folders that are set up January - December and in those I have more ideas that I might be interested in doing. Then I have more folders labeled alphabet, numbers, songs & fingerplays etc. I use what I refer to as my daycare "bible" daily which is a red binder that has the songs we sing every morning, calendar information etc. in it as well as folders labeled Monday - Friday so I know what we'll be working on according to our themes.

Young Toddler Themes: Don't forget my young toddler curriculum. I've tried to present it in a way that's easy to use.

Not sure what to do? Something that helped me was to go to each website and print a sample of each. "Try it on" for a week and see how it fits your group. It may take a month or more to figure out what will work for you and your group, but you will find it. Just because something works for your friend or another preschool or daycare, doesn't mean it will work for your group. So, here's a list to start from: Daycare Curriculum.

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