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Written by Pamm Clark

With so many ways to communicate, I feel it necessary to make it clear where you will find information about your child while at Pammís House.

INTERNET -- A Green Way To Communicate & Share

Pammís House Blog:
In the blog I share recipes, photos of the children, slide shows, parenting information, announcements of upcoming events such as parties, etc. Pammís House Blog serves as a ďgreen newsletterĒ. Blog posts will be emailed to you.

Pammís House Google Calendar (sample below):
I have a Google Calendar set up for each child in my care. The calendar is private, password protected, and by invitation only. This is where I record times I give your child medicine, any minor injuries (bumps, scratches, bruises), behavior problems, generally how your childís day is going, lunch menus (for those old enough), cute things your child might do or say, etc. Although I will discuss these things with you at the time you pick-up your child, the calendar is a record you are able to read and/or print. I encourage you to add doctor appointments, vacation dates, medication notes, and other information you share with me.

Digital Photos:
I do my best to get a few photos of each child each week. Each photo containing your child will be emailed directly to you about once a week (from there you are welcome to print or forward them to your family and friends). Some photos are added to the blog and occasionally, photos are used for art projects.

Online Payments:
Pammís House accepts cash or online payments (a green way to pay). Payments may be set up to be automatic or one-time payments.


Talking In Person, Written Notes, and Your Childís Cubby:
Each day I will verbally give you a brief update of your childís day. Occasionally, I will have a note you will find in your childís cubby along with any dirty clothing or other items to go home. Please check your childís cubby daily; take home dirty clothing and replace with a clean clothes the next day.

Telephone, Texting and Email:
For communication that needs to be done quickly during the work day like asking you a question, I am able to either call on the phone, text, or send an email. You can communicate with me using any of these methods. Keep in mind it is not always practical for me to answer the phone, return a text, or reply in email immediately, but I can almost always get back to you in a few minutes (like Iím sure happens at your job). In an emergency, you will always tried to be reached first by phone.


Please communicate :). Keep me up to date with whatís going on with your child and family. Let me know if you gave your child medication, if he/she had a rough night, or anything else. I canít fix a problem I donít know exists, so please bring any concern you have to my attention. I am approachable, easy to work with, and want to work with you to do whatís best for your child.

Iím working to let you know what goes on at my house through photos, blog, calendar, and other updates.

Find a printable copy of this information HERE.

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