February -- Week 1

Note: This unit covers all different types of music
--YouTube or your local library and thrift stores are great sources for this!--
Classical, Country, Rock, Pop, Rap, Contempoary, Worship, etc.

Ideal for
16 months -
2 1/2 years
MONDAY Marble Paint with Jingle Bells. Put a piece of paper in a box, add a few drops of paint and the jingle bells, and move the box around to spread the paint. Dance with Streamers to different types of music. Show the children different moves. Recite:
"Love one another." John 13:35


Jacob Tells A Lie
Jacob Goes Far Away
pages 22 & 24

Sign Language: Music


Jacob Loves God

Jacob Loved God.
(Raise arms upward)
He loved others, too.
(Spread hands, palms up.)
I will love God
(Raise arms upward.)
And I love you.
(Hugs for everyone.)


Note: Add this section for older children. Click here for
Planning Ideas

Flash Cards and/or Felt Shapes:

Letters: M, N

Number: 8

Color: Pink

Shape: Heart

TUESDAY Form a Friendship Band--Everyone play a rhythm instrument and march around in the band with friends. Musical Circles: Tape or place fabric or cardboard circles on the floor (or an old Twister Game mat). Have the children walk around the circles as music is played. When the music stops, each child stands on a circle. Continue as long as the children are interested.
WEDNESDAY Teach all or some of this Jacob and Esau lesson and crafts from
Mission Arlington.


THURSDAY Teach all or some of this Jacob Dreams At Bethel lesson & crafts. Parachute Play Have children stand and hold the edges of a large blanket, place one stuffed animal or one lightweight ball in the middle of the blanket and bounce it to the music. Add more animals and balls to make it more challenging.
FRIDAY While music is playing, Move like Animals
Walk like an elephant
Gallop like a zebra
Waddle like a penguin
Run like a cheetah
Slither like a snake
Jump like a kangaroo
Jingle Dance: Securely fasten large jingle bells to toddler's shoes and let them make music as they dance.


Kix Cereal

Sugar Cookie "Musical Notes"

Carrot Sticks

Jacob's Ladder
Pretzel Sticks held together with the peanutbutter

Add Music to Activities: Play background music when you eat, nap time, art, free play, etc. Play Musical Squares: Place one carpet square for each child on the floor. Walk around squares while the music plays, and stop on a square when the music stops. Hugs
"Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, think I'll go eat worms"

Everybody wants one,
Everybody needs one,
Everybody loves a hug!
Big hugs, little hugs,
even itty bitty hugs.
Hugs for everyone!

Music Bag: There are so many songs and fingerplays! Print your favorite ones on index cards and keep in a brightly colored gift bag after each song is introduced. When there is a bit of free time, either you or a child picks a card from the bag and that is the song or finger play to sing.

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