In my front yard.
April -- Week 4
Rocks & Dirt

In my back yard.

Ideal for
16 months -
2 1/2 years
MONDAY Make a Mud (wet dirt) picture: Finger-paint with chocolate pudding. Explore Mud outside, either in a dishpan or other container. Provide spoons and pans for mud-pies! Recite:
"Jesus loves us."
Revelation 1:5


Peter Tells People Jesus Is God's Son
page 140

Attention Getter: Tell this story while sharing a snack with the children.

Sign Language: Sand Box


I Love To Play Tune: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

I love to play in the sand box.
I love to play in the dirt.
I love to play in the wet mud.
I squish it and watch it squirt.


Note: Add this section for older children. Click here for
Planning Ideas

Flash Cards and/or Felt Shapes:

Letters: Q, R

Number: 10

Color: Gray

Shape: Oval

TUESDAY Add Construction Toys, hard hats, large rocks, etc. to the sandbox or sand sensory table. Grow Corn: Put a small amount of unpopped popcorn and moist dirt in a Ziploc bag. Tape these up to a window where they can get sunlight. Over time you can actually watch corn grow.
WEDNESDAY Teach all or some of this Many People Believed lesson and activities from Mission Arlington. Teach all or some of this Peter and John Heal a Lame Man Lesson & Crafts from
THURSDAY Compare Dirt & Mud: Provide two containers (sealed or not) and fill one with dirt and one with mud. Let the children explore and compare each. Explore Potting Soil in tub or sensory table with plastic shovels, plastic flower pots, artificial flowers, plastic worms, etc. When done add water to the soil and make mud pies. Let the mud pies bake in the sun.

and do these activities from Positively Autism.
Muddy Bottle: Put 1/2 cup dirt in the bottom of a bottle and fill it with water. Let the children shake it up and watch the dirt settle. (also try making bottles with gravel, peat moss, clay and different types of soil.)

Ants In The Sand

Cheese Slices

Graham Cracker Squares

Golden Grahams

Chocolate Pudding

Add plastic animals to your sandbox or sand sensory table. Have the children Find the Fossils.

Ants in the Sand

Crush 2 graham crackers in a plastic sandwich bag with a rolling pin. Add a few chocolate chips to make ants, then seal the bag. Eat this snack outside.

Try these Ideas for the Sensory Table from Bright Start. Many of the ideas are with sand.

Mud Dough

2 cups mud
2 cups sand
� cup salt
Mix and add enough water to make pliable.

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