School Age

I don't have school aged children in my daycare, but I've had lots of questions of what I would do if I had them. Here's how I'd schedule them for a full day (see my After School Schedule below):

6:30-8:00 Sign In, Breakfast, & Video Time
8:00 Finish Breakfast, Clean-Up,
& Free Play Time
8:30 Morning Prayer
8:40 Group Bible Story
8:50 Hands-On Craft, Game or Activity
to reinforce Bible Story
9:40 Bathroom Break & Clean-Up
9:50 Snack
10:00 Outside Play or Free Play Time
10:45 Centers, Games, &
Indoor Free Play Time
11:45 Bathroom Break/Cleanup
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Quiet Time: Puzzles, Board Games,
Video Games, TV Time, Reading, or Writing
1:30 Outside Play or Board Games
2:40 Bathroom Break/Clean Up
2:50 Snack
3:00 Bible Story Review
With Game or Art
3:30 Swimming, Field Trip, or
Outdoor Group Game
4:00 Outside Play/Group Play Time
4:45 Free Play & Ready to go Home

After School Schedule

2:30 Snack Time
3:00 Bathroom Break & Clean-Up
3:15 Bible Story & Activity
3:45 Outside Playtime
4:30 Homework Time
5:00 Free Play & Ready to go Home

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