Raising Your Child Care Rates
Written by Pamm Clark

Raising rates is never easy and when I knew it was time to raise mine, I went to my online friends and asked what was the best way to do this. I got some great advice that I'd like to share with you:

    * Don't go on and on about how prices on everything has raised. The prices have raised for them, too, and it won't help to remind them.

    * Highlight the programs, materials, and services you offer.

    * Tell what you do to keep your child care going: Trainings you attend and stay in compliance with the Health Department, Licensing, etc.

    * Mention that in order to maintain the quality of care you provide you must increase your rate.

    * Let the parents know that this is a hard decision for you.

In the sample letter below I have incorporated all the suggestions - if you are a child care provider, feel free to use the ideas. I find about a three week notice is just right....4 or more weeks seems too long and 2 weeks or less is too short. In this letter I had decided to provide diapers as a part of the rate increase (I had some families who constantly forgot to bring diapers and wipes. It has been well worth it! More info below the sample letter.)

      Dear Parents,

I have been in the business of providing child care for (however many) years now, and I am always striving to operate my child care in a more professional way. There are several things I�ve done to help make my child care facility one of the best. I have learned many new things from other providers and workshops, I continue to gain more and more experience, have added new toys and educational activities, and continue to stay in compliance to pass inspections by the Fire Department, Health Department and Federal Food Program. All of this is helping make the care your child receives the best possible care.

In order to maintain the quality of care I provide I must increase my rate. As of (whatever date), the weekly rate will increase by ($XX.XX) per week. It has been (X) years since I have last set my rates, and the new rate will enable me to continue providing the best of care for your child.

This has been a difficult decision. Unlike other forms of self-employment, family child care is very restrictive. There is absolutely no room for growth because the state dictates the size of my business.

The good news for you is that beginning on (whatever date) I will supply the diapers and baby wipes! Please refer to the attached sheet for more information.

I appreciate your understanding of why the rate increase is necessary. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to discuss it with me. Thank you for sharing your child with me!



Supplying Diapers and Baby Wipes

After several families kept forgetting to bring diapers, I decided to provide them myself. I did research and figured out that I like the White Cloud brand of diapers and the Huggies "Sensitive" brand of baby wipes. I can supply diapers and baby wipes for around $5-$6/week for each child (this will vary on how long you care for the child, brands, prices in your area--if I had a Costco near me, I'm sure I could get the prices down). Here's the hand-out I give parents:

Pamm�s House Offers Supplies!

I know how busy Dads and Moms can get and trying to remember everything can be frustrating. To help you out Pamm�s House supplies diapers (or disposable training pants for children over 27 months), baby wipes, powder, and tissues! Here�s a list of brands that will most commonly be used, though types and brands may vary:

        * White Cloud diapers
        * White Cloud training pants (for children over 27 months)
        * Huggies or Parent�s Choice Baby Wipes
        * Equate Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Baby Powder
        * Kleenex Tissues

Note: If your child needs a certain type of diapers, training pants, or baby wipes, I ask that parents provide them OR pay an extra $5 per week to cover the cost of the special items.

* I had been thinking about doing this for years, but didn't think it would work out. To my surprise, parents love it and it has lowered my stress level a lot!!!


All praise and glory go to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Apart from Him, I could do nothing. (John 15:5)