Learning Styles

I'm not sure where I got this information, but it's a really good explaination of the three Learning Styles. If you know the source, please Email me. Thanks.

The Visual Learner

Learning Style: Learns by seeing; watching demonstrations.

Reading: Likes description; sometimes stops reading to stare into space and imagine scene; intense concentration.

Memory: Remembers faces, forgets names; writes things down, takes notes.

Imagery: Vivid imagination; thinks in pictures, visualies in detail.

Communicates: Quiet, does not talk at length; becomes impatient when extensive listening is required; may use words clumsily; uses words such as see, look, etc.

Emotionality: Strong use of facial expression.

The Auditory Learner

Learning Style: Learns through verbal instructions from others or from himself.

Reading: Enjoys dialogue, plays; avoids lengthy description, unaware of illustrations; moves lips or subvocalizes.

Memory: Remembers names, forgets faces; remembers by auditory repetition.

Imagery: Subvocalizes, thinks in sounds, details less important.

Communicates: Enjoys listening but cannot wait to talk; descriptions are long but repetitive; likes hearing himself and others talk; uses words such as listen, hear, etc.

Emotionality: Blows up verbally.

The Kinesthetic (Hands-On) Learner

Learning Style: Learns by doing; direct involvement.

Reading: Prefers stories where action occurs early; fidgets when reading.

Memory: Remembers best what was done, not what was seen or talked about.

Imagery: Imagery not important; images that do occur are accompanied by movement.

Communicates: Gestures when speaking; does not listen well; stands close when speaking our listening; quickly loses interest in detailed verbal disclosure; uses words such as get, take, etc.

Emotionality: Stomps feet when angry.

Chances are you have one of each in your family--we do :).

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