Colby Comes to AZ
September 12-17, 2005

Monday, September 12--

Colby's box arrives! We were playing outside when the mail man dropped him off. Just as soon as I can get the box away from the babies, I'll open it, LOL!

I finally get the box open and we meet Colby!
After all the excitment of playing outside, then meeting Colby, it's nap time.
Colby meets London, who lives here at Pamm's House, and they talk about their travles.
We all have Teddy Grahams for snack--YUM!

Wednesday, September 14--

After a very rough day yesterday, today is much better!
We spent some time outside . . .

And then some time inside with the babies . . .

Thursday, September 15--

Thursdays are Pamm's House Library Day. Some of the babies left early and others were sleeping when Colby and London got settled reading the special books Colby brought with him. London remembered to wear his reading glasses he got when he visited Giggles-N-Grins in Illinois.

Friday, September 16--

When London found out Colby was going to a cooler climate, London gave Colby a pair of socks to wear.

Everyone said goodbye today. Colby was sad to go, but looking foward to his next stop . . . Noah�s Ark Preschool in Indiana.

To find out more about Colby,
click on the USA map to visit his Travel Diary.

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