Music I
Grew Up On

80's Christian Rock
& Contemporary
It's interesting that we (I think a lot of people do this) crave and continue to listen to the music they grew up on, especially the songs during our teen years. I think I had almost all of these artists on cassette tape at one time or another, or my friends did. Those tapes are long gone now, but I've been lucky to find most of these artists' songs from the 80s on MP3. You'd be surprised at what is available at and I've added many of these to my Spotify playlist. The marked ones (*) are the artists I listen to most often today.

* Altar Boys

The 77s

Daniel Amos

Daniel Band


* Stryper

Elim Hall

* Degarmo And Key

Mad At The World


Lifesavers Underground

The Choir

The Servant

Rick Cua

Larry Norman

* Randy Stonehill



* Steve Taylor


* Lisa Welchel

The Imitators

Common Bond

Bash In The Code

David & The Giants

* Idle Cure

* Amy Grant

* Bryan Duncan

* Leslie Phillips

* Benny Hester

* Keith Green

* Russ Taff

* Gary Chapman

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